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What the hell is going on with Hearthstone's matchmaking? . PC Gamer

Hearthstone Matchmaking - Playing Ranked Match Against a Friend!

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Maybe the bug that prevented Ranked Play from working properly or the fix that placed people on random ranks at the start of the season messed things up.

Concerns Over Legend Ladder Matchmaking After hitting Legend, he did not queue into any other Legend players, but instead first queued. But if I were to beat a rank player, my rank would only go to around While Blizzard does tinker with the way its MMR works in order to. I'm pretty consistently matched with people a rank above me. Currently at rank 8 and faced a rank 7 at 5, 4, and 3 stars now as I lost my way.

Or maybe Legend matchmaking was indeed broken when the ladder changes were made. Over the short term at least, playing while in Legend seems to inevitably cause you to fall down in rank. How much this matters is another matter: Hearthstone ladder is fairly kind for climbing and top legend players can fall down several thousand ranks and climb back up in a couple of days. Otherwise, just play and have fun, matchmaking will be sorted out eventually. Ville "Old Guardian" Kilkku is a writer and video creator focused on analytic, educational Hearthstone, and building innovative Standard format decks.

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Hearthstone Top Decks. On the surface, the change was minor: All ranks consist of 5 stars previously from 2 to 5 stars At the end of each season, all players are demoted exactly four ranks previously bonus stars giving starting rank from 25 to 16 Win streaks remain in effect until Rank 5 Ranked floors at 20, 15, 10, 5, and Legend remain in effect The March season is the first season where this new system is in action, but rank resets did not go quite as planned, and Ranked Play was unavailable for two days while Blizzard fixed the problems.

Update — am PST Blizzard implemented a hotfix last night that has hopefully fixed the issue: We recently identified an issue where some Legend ranked players were being matched with players of a lower ranking than intended. Source Update — pm PST Blizzard posted an update that they are monitoring the issues surrounding Legend rank: Greetings everyone, The team has been monitoring Ranked Play since coming back online last week.

You have a hidden mmr(matchmaking rating). The rank you are at, doesn't matter all. You will be matched with other people similar to your. You have an MMR (based on your win / loss record), plus your rank, they try to match you to others with same rank / MMR or as close as. How does matchmaking works hearthstone - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to Ranked matchmaking and mouther breather, cheater mccheaterson, .

Source Concerns Over Legend Ladder Matchmaking Over the past couple of days, however, there have been increasing concerns over Legend ladder matchmaking. Is Hearthstone Ladder Broken? Old Guardian Ville "Old Guardian" Kilkku is a writer and video creator focused on analytic, educational Hearthstone, and building innovative Standard format decks.

But if I were to beat a rank player, my rank would only go to around That's an oversimplified example, but you get the idea. Naturally, the same is true of losing.

How does hearthstone ranked matchmaking work

If you lose to a player with a much lower rank than you, you'll be set back further than if you'd lost to someone of equal rank. In a perfect world, this is a self-balancing point system, but that's not what Hearthstone players are actually seeing.

Reckful Hits Rank 1 Legend

Because Legend players are routinely playing against low-rank opponents, winning gets them basically nothing, while a single loss can set them back several games. This is a problem not only because it's incredibly demotivating to lose hours of hard-earned progress in an instant, but also because it makes it exceedingly difficult to achieve and maintain a high Legend rank, which players need to do if they want to compete in the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

This is also bad news for casual players who don't care about Legend ranks or the HCT, because it means the best players in the world are playing against players who are trying to make it into Legend for the first time.

Or perhaps even just want to have fun. Imagine hopping into a quickplay match in Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch only to queue into a match with a stacked team of pros. The strange thing is that this matchmaking imbalance seems to have come out of nowhere.

It's so widespread that players are convinced Hearthstone's matchmaking was changed, but Blizzard didn't announce any changes.

What do we know of Hearthstone's matchmaking? the game at all once you reach legend, because matchmaking does not work properly. Hearthstone is getting some significant changes to Ranked Play in the March two changes will work together to address matchmaking issues. Casual Play mode, Ranked Play mode at Legend rank, and Tavern Brawls ( which do not use MMR for matchmaking) affect the player's MMR. . Beta Forums : Ranks reset, ELO/MMR stays the same - is this working?.

Whatever kind of deck you are playing, they have some top secret algorithm that find the opponents with the worst matchup for you. Help Register Sign In.

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Related questions for people, anyone really: same MMR across all modes? Free to try and find a game, dealing cards for sorrow, cards for pain.

Don't know what the matchmaking in Brawl is. Last edited by HavvkPwn on Jan 12, I think that's right, but just to clarify, I think it does record your MMR throughout the whole ladder climb, it just doesn't use it for matchmaking until you hit Legend.

It needs to be recording it before you reach Legend in order to figure out where you belong in the Legend rankings. Some players will hit Legend at very high ranks like top, others will start at 4-digit Legend ranks, depending on their MMR.

Before you hit Legend, the MMR is irrelevant in Ranked, even though it's still being recorded in the background. Instead of using MMR, you get matched against players at the same rank as you, or as close as possible to the same rank without significantly slowing down queue times. So sometimes you'll be matched against players at different ranks, if there aren't enough players at your rank queuing up simultaneously.

Is The Legend Ladder Currently Broken? Legend Players Have Faced Rank 10 Players (Hotfixed)

Only if you're playing in Casual. In Ranked, there's no algorithm, but it's still directly linked to your win rate, because your win rate determines your rank.

For many longtime players, Legend rank has the same romanticized work and dedication that we often settle on treating it like a pleasant, faraway dream. of progression and the matchmaking for players at the bottom end of the ladder . I would check the latest decks listed on the illustrious Hearthstone.

Collection size or XP-points level doesn't correlate to skill, so it should never be used to determine matchmaking. You are the perfect example of why that is true.


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