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A One-on-One With Linx Dating Founder Amy Andersen How She Became "Silicon Valley's Cupid"

Lynx's NEW Boyfriend... who's she dating?

Since , Linx Dating and its Founder Amy Andersen have been addressing the needs of these busy, relationship-minded professionals with a curated, personalized, and intuition-based matchmaking system. Silicon Valley is also known for the passionate, hardworking, creative, and dedicated people who work at these businesses all of which lends well to a successful career but not necessarily a successful dating life. How do I go about doing that? Linx Dating is how they go about doing that. The inspiration for Linx came in while Amy was working in private client services at a tech company in San Francisco but living in Silicon Valley. Knowing both areas very well, Amy pinpointed the problem: there were more available men in Silicon Valley than San Fran and more available women in San Fran than Silicon Valley. Amy then spent the next 3 years doing as much research as she could, using her business-oriented mind to get a better idea of the market and demand for this type of matchmaking business.

Those are the basic membership options. They have achieved so much success professionally, and they want the same results in their personal life. Alan not his real name is He says the issues he faced as a man dating in Silicon Valley were twofold. Someone else comes along; you are tossed aside.

A self-described introvert, Alan is a computer security engineer who sold his startup to a large software company. He is divorced, and tried online dating for a year or two. But there is no end to the amount of money people have here. For Judy, who moved to the west coast from New York, where she worked for Goldman Sachs, the difference has been striking.

F--k Tinder: Why More Women Are Turning to the New Era of Matchmakers

Here, men are a little intimidated to lead. Because he fears rejection. She was, however, at pains to say that this was not an all-encompassing rule.


One year later, Megan and Mike are still together. Think of the Millennial-era matchmaker as a sort of professional wing-woman. Francesca Hogi, 42, a bicoasdern tal matchmaker and dating coach, describes it as helping her clients make choices.

A New York Times article reported that Tinder users spend up to 90 minutes per day swiping. Yet a study by Pew Research Center last February found that a third of people on dating apps never meet anyone in person.

Amy Van Doran, the year-old founder of Modern Love Club a "high-touch, curated" matchmaking business in New York focused on "creatives"points out another aspect of the problem. Dating apps, Van Doran says, encourage peopleespecially straight mento treat dating like a video game: "Every guy is trying to date up a video game level. But they're above what they can net. Dating apps encourage peopleespecially straight mento treat dating like a video game. The matchmaker's mission is to help clients slow down.

Flexibility is key.

I've been in the dating space as both a dating coach and dating expert at an online dating site in the Bay Area. I have met. The Linx Dating Blog. I just received an email from my something male client about his lovely Linx match and Email me: [email protected] to learn more . Posted in Testimonials and tagged #1 Dating agency, #1 dating service, #1. Since , Linx Dating and its Founder Amy Andersen have been by Amy in , Linx, for short, is a curated matchmaking service for.

The matchmaker often ends up doing things that seem like flirting or even dating on behalf of her client. There is also a fundamental inequality between clients and matches. The reality: Someone who's paying thousands or tens of thousands of dollars is usually meeting someone who's there for free or for not much. Dating is a numbers game, and clients are hiring matchmakers to increase their odds by increasing their number of possibilities.

This is where matchmakers really earn their fees. Jasmine Diaz, an L. One woman, a year-old doctor who lives in L.

Amy Andersen of Linx Dating charges thousands of dollars to teach men everything they need to know about dating. Founded in , Andersen's Linx Dating serves a select tier of Day Rule in a women's magazine or on a websiteshe can't remember. Linx is an offline boutique curated dating and social network located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Founded by Amy Andersen in , Linx has now been.

Hiring Diaz, she thought, "would be a way of working smarter. But brunch isn't what makes her experience a success storyit's a change in mindset. I wasn't so experienced with dating. Jasmine pushed me to be more social, to put forth the effort. It's difficult to measure success rates.

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What counts as a happy ending? What if they date for years but never actually wed doesn't that count? She was very preppy, wore pearls. She thought she wanted a finance guy," Goldstein says. I matched her with a rocker who played in a metal band and was covered in tattoos. This article appears in the February issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now. Type keyword s to search.

Men In Silicon Valley Are Paying This Woman Up To $100,000 To Learn How To Date

Today's Top Stories. Road Trippin' Through Southern California. Design by Betsy Farrell. We are taking things slow and seeing what the future holds. And because every member signs a two-year contract which can be frozen at any time if they meet someone specialAmy becomes just as invested as they are in this journey and is able to build a relationship beyond a professional one.

She even receives wedding invitations and photos of babies who have been born from past members. For women who want to join Linx Dating, click here. For men interested in signing up, go here. You can also follow Linx and Amy on Twitter: linxdating. As the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice. Online Dating. Discuss This! Related Topics:.

The upper crust of Silicon Valley looks to Amy Andersen, the founder and CEO of Linx Dating, an exclusive dating and social network based in. Silicon Valley dating matchmaking love Linx and selling an online dating company than actually meeting a spouse on an online dating [site]. The Scoop: Linx Dating has become one of the top Silicon Valley Amy provides an elite VIP service to accommodate singles who have high.

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