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Billy Joel - Piano Man (Audio)

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Which of the two verses of this song was edited in the single version? Benjamin Edge , Jan 26, Location: Central VA. The commercial single version, according to its label: The major edit takes place after the line "but there's some place that he'd rather be.

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Trophies & Matchmaking explained!

CSGO - Join enemy team in matchmaking bug [How-To]

You drew your lane and did nothing special so you cant pretend like your team rly held you back even if they werent very good. You fed as much as their team and I dont see any obvious smurfing on the enemy side. Your team fed more than you but that is to be expected if you play a notoriously hard to kill hero such as Morphling. Conclusion: Yes maybe your teammates are on average worse than the other team but with the exception of the Jugg game u werent exactly taking much initiative or outperforming them so why complain? You are the variable in all of your games. Sometimes you might get a smurf and its unfortunate but thats life in normal skill pub games. For every smurf you are pitted against you will get one on your team sometime.

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