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Inmates Cry and Angel

By Marlene Lenthang For Dailymail. Derek Alldred, 49, met more than two dozen women online, faked his identity with a web of lies, then quietly stole their credit cards, their Social Security numbers, and with some, spent their entire retirement savings. Several of his victims are finally speaking out and revealing their heartbreak and terror upon realizing that their lover was really a con mastermind in the new documentary Seduced by Evil, set to air on Oxygen on Saturday. Victim Linda Dyas says conman Derek Alldred, 49, 'took everything from me'. He seduced women he met online and stole their money and Social Security cards behind their backs. The women revealed they all thought they had found their true love with Alldred. I thought he was the one

Jund stated that he was shitty and didn't know how to be a good boyfriend at first, but was trying to be better. Sage on the other hand has not said anything about their relationship, good or bad. If she wants us to actually be educated, then giving even a little information would help. But I agree with you.

She didn't say anything, didn't act like she cared. She did break up with him. It didn't look like anyone was actually questioning anything. Maybe she wasn't getting enough attention for it. Like I said before, I haven't seen anyone really shitting on the break up or why she did break up with him, so I don't really see why she would post something like that. The only thing I can come up with is if people have messaged her tumblr and she just hasn't responded to them publicly.

Still, why even mention that telling her side would be "shitting all over him" if she didn't want us to question things? It doesn't make any sense. This is literally the first thing she's even said about the break up. She's just been posting "Happy New Year's" and any other thing that she would normally post. It seems off to me for some reason. I decided to look through her tumblr to see if anything was out of the ordinary and found this.

She tagged it as "yep" at the bottom. No idea if she's implying that it's about Jund but it's a possibility. It could also just her wanting us to feel bad for her. Some people think she found our last thread and a bunch of people were shitting on her so she could just be trying to make herself look better.

No idea though. I just like making theories. Not enough people talking about her, I guess, lol. Most people don't even mention something like that unless they actually want people to press them into talking about it. It seems like she's doing everything to stir the pot when things start to mellow out. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for. Feel like I'm playing a scavenger hunt with only half the clues.

It's like 6 years old but still kinda funny if you scroll through the tweets. Whatever scavenger hunt this is was worth it. I kinda thought they were making shit up, but these tweets seem real. Even if she did have to go to rehab for whatever reason though, that doesn't excuse her if she played a part in forcing Angel off the stream.

I wonder if she's scared of people finding out about it. It's very negative especially if she doesn't get her way scary. Talking about ripping people apart and killing them or hurting them. Edge Queen. Wonder what that's about! Sage sure does like to ban people from things. Sorry to samefag but I wonder if some info on here about things said in Sage's discord were super accurate and she thinks she figured out who's been posting.

Don't see why Angel couldn't join streams when chey doesn't even show up. If I couldn't show how Cheyenne really is to the public then might as well get her to do it to herself.

Cheyenne was bitching about food and suddenly changed her mind as soon as Russ said that he invited Angel.

Here it is. That was really cold, damn. And then she starts acting huffy after Angel is mentioned. It's just awkward and uncomfortable. You would think she'd have more consciousness about the fact that they're streaming and she should be acting better than that but she just doesn't.

And you're right, it definitely sounds like Cry is talking to a child instead of his girlfriend. She's ridiculous. If she acts like that in front of people, I'd hate to see how she acts when they're alone. She knew what time this was going to start. Go out and get some damn food. And of course as soon as they mention Angel, the shit goes down.

I hate this bitch so much. Cry is actually pathetic. Why is he with this witch of a woman? Jesus Christ Cry fucking sucks.

She was just complaining because she couldn't get food because if she did, Angel would be on the stream. She only stayed to spite Angel and that's not okay. I can understand the first one because couples broke up and I wouldn't want to keep it going either, but this one shouldn't have happened.

It's painfully obvious that Cheyenne is pissed and jealous that everyone likes Angel and Mash more than her. Plus, Angel's cool and single I think? So of course they had to get their boyfriends to quit, causing Snake to have to do a hell of a lot of maneuvering. It just sucks for him because he put in a lot of work so that he and his friends could have fun and everything just went to shit.

Cry needs to stand up to his girlfriend before he loses his friends. What he's doing is not being a "good boyfriend" by doing whatever Cheyenne says, he's just being a bad friend. I hope he wakes up soon.

So I guess Snake had read these threads huh. I felt like it was just starting to pick up and get good too! It's understandable that he is having a hard time to continue to write for it after everything that happened, though. Honestly, it's possible the entire crew knows about these threads. They probably have all seen it. So fucking sad. If only Sage and Cheyenne had never come around, so many amazing things would be coming from the rest, I bet.

But, let's not take for granted with what we have now and keep pushing for a better future! Have a nice night. They don't stream together anymore, couple's therapy or LNC. Hell, she doesn't even stream on her own, which I think is pretty fucked up to her subs She tries to get his attention which he doesn't even reply to, when he used to all the time. I really really hope they're on their way to breakup land.

Everything would be so much better knowing Cheyenne can't snake her way back in. Maybe they had some weird falling out him and chey and she's using WOW as her way of escapism. I remember that he joked like "I'm not jealous" but maybe something actually happened?

Like, he mentioned that he loved playing WOW so idk why he'd stop. Relationship goals thoooo!!! I love how u guys r like the chillest couple ever! It's painfully obvious she's the cause of all this unnecessary drama. I swear I'll watch LNC again when that happens hopefully this year, cross fingers. It might be swept under the rug like Ziegs all over again.

It's too bad it's taken this long for things to happen. Things that never should have been a problem if Cry had a backbone in the beginning. Never mind he doesn't acknowledge me or stream with me and I haven't been on LNC". She's been in mostly the chat. But what's weird is that Outstar is really really good friends with Ziegs. Idk what happened. But I could be wrong. Looks like someone was missing that money. Too bad she didn't stay gone back then and save everyone a lot of trouble. Wish she was still depressed!

Cry changed the subject soooo quickly. Cheyenne's not there though so I'd say it's still a good night. And Angel has now joined chat and again people are saying it in chat and still being ignored.

So weird! I think it'd awaken the demon if she goes on before Cheyenne leaves for good. That's so bad. When did she leave and is she doing anything now? At least Minx went solo and seems to be okay. Like "he WAS never a bad boyfriend" and then the person in chat did the same time making it sound like they broke up. Again, I could be reaching waaaaay to far. It just sounds like she used past tense because the question was phrased that way if that makes sense?

Like shes saying he was good before that? It was a question that was given a shallow answer. I doubt she meant anything beyond it, the same way you answer "I'm good" when a stranger asks how you are. It's literally just been shit posts lately. I used to like his content but seeing that he has no back bone and can't defend his friends is a huge turn off. Not that he has a bad voice but it's not remarkable enough to be known for.

It's like Markiplier tier for me except Cry sounds more like a faggot. But I stopped watching his stuff a while back except for the TWD stuff bc clementine because I've noticed it's been lackluster and idk like something's off - which makes sense, now that I've found this thread lol. Also Cry has said on twitter that he's going to be doing a playthrough soon.

Like legit I guess, so there's that. It feels a little less strained and forced. Sounds like he's actually having fun imo. It's been so long since I had a reason to refresh his channel every day for a new upload. His playthroughs have always been fun to me- especially with games like this one. I can search for screenshots when i get home. I used to watch i'm from 3 or so years ago because his LPs weren't overexaggerated and they were pretty calming tbh. He's changed and it's so sad now. Honestly, I really want to know what that would've looked like.

Did he meet her at a motel or something. Maybe she caught their cyber log lmao. Smh girl, work on them homewrecking skills. It was just some typed sexy talk. I don't know who the girl is though. That's when he cheated. Or was it Raven? I know who it is, but I'm not sure how many people know so I don't want to come out and say it. She's not around anymore.

Just tell us! Looking in her archive, I think she's only had it for a year or so, and I couldn't find any asks. Like, at all. Cry's still with cheyenne, so, obviously things didn't work out. She might not have thought that she'd have too many repercussions. I could actually see him doing that tbh. Since Coyote said that Cry threw his friends under the bus because of his cheating, it seems more likely that Cry fessed up and blamed Ocean for the whole thing.

Of course that could've been referring to the Ziegs thing but it also could've been about Ocean. Cry has let too much shit happen just because he cheated. Honestly, I'd cheat too if I was dating someone that is abusive like Cheyenne. I'd just leave them. It's funny that there are so many fucked up things Cry has done there's no telling what people are refering to most of the time. Cry doesn't seem capable of doing that for some reason though.

Like, is he afraid of her putting his face out there? I could see it. Also, there's that whole thing about how old she really was when they started their relationship. He could get into a lot of trouble if she was underage and I wouldn't doubt it if she had some sort of proof. I think most of us would understand where he's coming from with how Cheyenne acts.

He wouldn't socially take too hard of a hit. I think it has to be something more than that. They've been dating for a while now and she's very much the legal age now. I don't know how it works but can you retroactively be punished like that? It's like if a 40 year old was with a 13 year old until she was 19, it's still against the law if someone found out.

I could be wrong though. Besides, in my comment I meant more that he'd get in trouble socially. He could just be afraid of backlash if the age thing was true. But it'd be a lot of trouble for Chey to go through getting actual concrete evidence and charge him for it. And really he should've thought about that before sticking his dick in her, assuming it's true he was doing it before she was For someone who values his privacy so much and whose income relies on how good his reputation online is, he sure is a fuck up.

Cheyenne has never been very forthcoming with her age so we have no idea how old she actually was. Even on her tumblr she has "none of your business" under where her age is or something like that.

Like, what if they started dating when she was a month away from 18 or some bullshit, but she doesn't want anyone knowing the technicalities so that she can keep Cry under her thumb bc no one can argue shit if there's no proof. But I guess if there's no solid timeline of when they started dating it's hard to say. But either way it's definitely less about the criminal aspects and more about how Cry would be perceived online if they dated when she was still underage.

I think Cheyenne might've tricked Cry into her being 18 not really having a motive at first, then when finding out about him and Ocean, she just started using it against him. PNG it looks like she lives in florida, too. That has to be what Cheyenne is using to blackmail Cry. Coyote has mentioned blackmail, cheating, and in the same comment thread he called her a "gold digger".

I think Cheyenne is using the whole cheating with an underage girl thing to blackmail Cry into staying with her. He should've kept his dick in his pants. That's kiddy porn on his end and Cry has mentioned before that he's sent nudes. He could've sent some to Ocean and she could've sent some back. Cheyenne could've gotten screenshots for all we know lol.

I have no idea. Lmao, it's okay, we still have the archived copy. She did. Hey Ocean, why don't you just tell us what happened? There would be no reason to delete it otherwise. It's been a couple years now that she's been out of the LNC community it looks like. It didn't even do anything since it's archived.

What would us finding out about Cry's pervy stuff have to do with her deleting things? I'm so confused why she'd try to hide it. Plus, who knows what Cheyenne might've told her. Cheyenne seems like a psycho gf. Now she opened them? She just unlocked them. Both were. Then again, it could be so many past female mods lol. PNG Can we talk about how this is her twitter banner? Cry likes young trashy girls, it seems, lol. And she purposely posted the Cry t-shirt picture.

I think she just has a different way of mentioning things, kind of how Angel would post quotes about not being a able to speak up about things. It does seem kind of like she's proud lol. Maybe Cry pissed her off. Cry has a type. I am almost understanding why Chey is such a harpy now.

She definitely is using him. She just treats him like shit, and he lets it happen because of all the shit he's done, and she stays with him because of money and popularity. We have a winner! Way to go, summarizing all of this with just a few sentences. But she's definitely going nowhere in life and will be a nobody without the prestige of having Cry's name attached to hers, so here we are - a completely toxic relationship with Cry being too much of a pussy to face his mistakes and Chey lording it over his head but being able to use the guise of "he cheated but I love him and want to work it out!

Just seems trashy. I think that was her only reason in posting it bc otherwise I haven't seen anything recent about Cry. She's an ugly person. That's hilarious. Someone's gone rogue and now there's no way she'd talk even though I don't really think she was going to anyways. Why not just tell us? She's not involved with them anymore, and she clearly dislikes Cry. Angel has straight forward said there are people she cares about protecting, which we can assume are Russ and Snake.

Im so curious lol. Who knows though, she could just not care anymore. It's been a few years. And what would Cheyenne say? There might be more about her association with the crew. We'll eat food together" friends.

Though imo she looks much better than Chey, not really pretty but waaaay less trashy. Also I like the milk she gives us and that she obviously does it on purpose.

Thanks Ocean! Tbh, she's kinda cute in a way that I can't fully understand.

>Angel comes back to Cry's streams after months of avoiding generally speaking twitch is where it's at right now with money and that's It'd be really fucked up if Angel and Cry started dating instead of Russ and Angel.

I'm not sure short hair suits her, she might look more pretty with a longer hairstyle. Maybe just a chubbier her with hair and makeup?? I can't tell either. I think he was just hitting on her a ton or something. I think I remember him being super serious about something to do with that in Catherine could be wrong though, don't quote me on that.

He's saying all this shit even though he cheated on her. I don't think it's likely that he met at least Ocean in real life. I know people change and all, but his answers to the question parts are still really interesting to go back on tbh. He just kept going with it. That's what could've happened here.

Ocean could've started the flirting and he just went with it. I'm just throwing that out there though. He could've totally been the one to initiate it. I'm about to transcribe all this fuckery lmao.

Don't remember what choice he made though. PNG Also hey look what's gonna be back. I really think Cheyenne is crazy enough to keep some sort of proof to keep him tied down. Unless it was one sided, there's no way. She could be genderfluid or something. Cry said he was pan, I guess. Cry will fuck anything. I think Cry knows about this thread, honestly, lol. But dammit Cry if you see this, pls. Get your shit together man.

Fuck's sake. Ocean might look like a prepubscent boy and Cry might be into that, who knows? I wish he would see this and know that we're actually discussing all this shit because we want him to get his act together. He needs to come clean about whatever the fuck happened and deal with it like an adult.

Obviously people care more about him treating his friends like shit than being dumb and cheating on a clearly abusive and terrible person.

'Derek took everything from me': Nine victims who were seduced by a con man they met on dating sites and duped them out of $2MILLION. Pretty sure him and chey broke up, but I think Angel is just a friend. I don't remember if it was on twitter or tumblr, but Russ explained he met. Learn about Russ Money: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.

Cheating is shitty. Allowing your terrible girlfriend to bully everyone around you is inexcusable. But in fairness, literally anything is better than 4 week old garbage that's been sitting out in summer rain. PNG she's definitely better looking than chey, she may be a cunt at least she's not a literal cow. She really iswoof. The left column is okay, the right is godawful. Then she's got that huge nose. Like yeah she has unfortunate features but she's not making the best of them right now.

Just sayin. Being ugly on the inside translates to the outside because she doesn't have a nice personality to make up for it. She's an awful fucking person so who cares. Also, her hair is fried. She needs to stop dying it. There's a checkbox in the bottom corner that says "Spoiler Image" if you ever want to use that lol.

Nine woman seduced by a con man who stole their money speak out in new documentary

Fucking googly eyed bitch. Um, what? Sage wasn't even around for the Ocean thing. She probably has no idea who she is. Even if she does, she probably doesn't really care. Like I've seen some streams of hers and, I mean she wasn't that bad. Until of course I remembered her personality but honestly I don't think she's photogenic. I've only seen one decent picture of her, sadly.

I guess that probably says something about how Cry looks, if shes the best he can do. Dear lawd. How is Cry even with someone who looks like that? How bad does he look? Its not surprising to me that hed cheat on that. Speaking of ig, Oceans has disappeared. She reverted the account back to its old name, danmitocean. Erasing this, but unprivating things. Then reprivating and changing names. Responding to anons. She honestly doesn't make sense.

Maybe she's just fucked up all the time. She also seems a lot more active on social media, she just posted on instagram again. She invited viewers to play L4D2 and then got bored before finishing the first part of the campaign and switch to worms and then got bored and switched back to L4D2.

Then she said her eyes were tired and she was going to lay down, ends the stream and opens up Counter Strike Global Offensive. So like, she's all around ADHD.

What's the point in erasing stuff like that? It makes her seem like she's hiding something, but I watched that clip and it was nothing. Like And nothing was on it. I dunno, she doesn't make any sense, honestly. Kinda fucked in the head or something. Plus Cheyenne hasn't tweeted since the "Couples therapy" day. PNG unsurprisingbut oceans drinking as well. Cry drinking is more interesting I honestly think he knows about us.

He's been acting pretty depressed. He missed their couple therapy stream and now he's drinking. Now I don't believe Cry is all that innocent obviously but why are some of you taking Cheyennes word with the cheating thing?

Yeah it makes sense. But why believe her? Or Ocean and Cry were just merely talking maybe being slightly flirty because it was better than talking to bitchface and Cheyenne didn't like it and tried to ruin Ocean?

Like, really? Anyone can see how she's not a nice person. I'm glad Coyote doesn't take shit and tells it like it is. I just wish Cry would grow a pair and leave her ass. Sounds like Scott is as much as an asshole as the rest of them. Jund gets salty at the internet sometimes but he generally doesn't seem like a bad guy at all.

He's literally said before that he's shallow and probably wouldn't date a fat chick. Pretty sure he'd just break up with her lol. And like someone else said, she seems to like playing the victim.

She's probably wanting more attention now that she doesn't have the LNC getting it for her. Really shows character. Jund said that he sucked at being a boyfriend at first because he ignored her and then really worked hard at the relationship. And Sage has shown to be an attention-seeking liar, who had just been insulting people on Twitter lately.

I'd take what she says with a grain of salt. It's like they know she's just trying hard for attention at this point. She has like no following without her relationship with Jund and it's showing. She's trying so hard to get noticed in some way. It's actually kind of pathetic. I feel like that's kind of on her to let him know she doesn't want to joke about things. I've had friends before that all we do is insult each other, but she'd tell me if she wasn't okay with something and then I wouldn't do it anymore.

You can't get upset about something if you don't speak up about it to the person. Because that would be so long ago.

He also takes part in the Late Night with Cry and Russ which streams on may be on gaming or any other thing of interest and it involves Cry and Russ Money. and he was 21, as such, she was considered a minor when they began dating. In the last thread we were discussing the Sage/ Angel/ Cheyenne drama. . Russ and Snake tried to stop her, but without Cry actually standing up for his friends, they .. Looks like someone was missing that money. .. But I guess if there's no solid timeline of when they started dating it's hard to say. Date Joined He co-hosts a Livestream, titled "Late Night with Cry and Russ" every Saturday night The LNC consists of: Russ Money, Scott Jund and Snake.

This was 7 years ago: "I told her I didn't want to buy Modern Warfare 2 because of the dedicated server issue and specifically the no lean 'feature'. She argued with me that it would be worth it but I declined and told her we should just keep playing CoD4.

I woke up this morning to find a text message, it read: "I'm leaving u for a real gamer" She even took my extra controller. His girlfriend of 7 years ago doesnt matter, just wait for fresh milk. I really really doubt Jen cares about us, lol. She's been outside of everything so far.

Maybe Sage just wants us to talk about her and her boring streams or something. But, they do have a point. A girl leaving Cry 7 years ago doesn't really matter to fuck all now.

I do think it's kinda weird that he didn't remember her name if he cared enough to get jealous about her talking to someone else, though, lol. But, it is Cry. I actually thought to myself that the past few posts were incredible irrelevant as well. Names are more important to some people than others.

I can't remember the name of my first boyfriend, though I remember him past that. I've met some people who use my name obsessively, and some friends who never call me by name. Plus, with Cry, there's always the chance that if he mentions them by name, some obsessive fans will track them down somehow and harass them. Spoon's girlfriend is great, I'd be pissed if that happened. Did he say anything relevant to the whole situation? Near the start of stream he just told russ how he's been thinking a lot about things on his mind and that hes been in a really weird headspace lately.

It's funny how much happier he sounds with his friends rather than his own gf or whatever she is. He hasn't uploaded anything for 2 days and is barely active on twitterdid he mention why that is?

Nothing really to report beyond Cry being asked about any regrets, and mentioning "The one who got away" when he was younger. But that's like, barely any milk, so. You don't usually talk about "the one who got away" if you have someone currently. It's just words. Going along with how he might have cheated on Cheyenne. My bad! Like, it wasn't really relevant to that Twitter conversation. Feels like she's still trying to get attention.

Let's not give it to her lol. She's such an attention whore, has always seem to be. It does make me happy to see she's been hemorrhaging followers though. I read through the comments and while a lot of people are having immense difficulty translating it the consensus seems to be it was something along the lines of understanding that he can come off cold, and thanking people for being understanding with his headspace lately and trying to cheer him up. And then something about come to the stream if you don't backseat game and that he's not perfect.

And then something or other about thanking God even though he's not religious and how he hopes people manage to translate his roundabout way of expressing his feelings. PNG Seeing this was great. But yeah, Cry was pretty much apologizing for shit and thanking people for sticking around.

I think if Cry and Cheyenne did break-up, he won't be mentioning it for a while or until he feels he's ready to. PNG are you fucking kidding me. Man, I actually got my hopes up this time, it really seemed like it might be IT. Anyone else think she might have tried to leave him again and just came crawling back so everything is suddenly a-ok with him? Things have been way too weird and quiet lately to just brush it all off. When will they stop trying to include their girlfriends on stream, it didn't work out well with Russ or Jund.

Snake and Mash stream together reasonably regularly and it's not a problem. One interaction isn't enough to make a determination of if things have changed or now. Someone like Cheyenne doesn't belong because she's only really on there because of Cry. She doesn't get along well enough with everyone else. Personality wise, having their girlfriends on is liking inviting any other friend on. If they're good people, it's good fun.

The only downside is, as I said, if they're having a domestic, it leaks onto stream. Cheyenne shouldn't be on stream, not because she's Cry's girlfriend, but because she's a shitty person. It'd be fine if she was a better person and people liked her but she's not and we mostly don't. And he was cutting cry off while he was asking about the move sets. It could just be that Russ knows what's going to happen if Cry and Cheyenne are going back to normal.

If Cheyenne gets back on stream, everything is going to be awkward again and Angel, who Russ is friends with and has a lot of fun with, is probably going to get banned again.

It's bullshit. Even if Cry is stupid enough to stay with her, she shouldn't be on the streams when she doesn't bring too much to the table and most people don't like her, on stream and off. Maybe he's worried that Cheyenne will pull him in again Things have been so great without her. I mean, the TGivg stream was great and all they did was talk and hang out. They seemed so happy and relaxed. If Cheyenne was back around I think things would get really bad again.

I feel like Cheyenne would've had a very public bitch-fit. I do think that Russ is worried that Cry is going to start bringing Cheyenne around again though.

Cry and Angel make our kokoro go DOKI DOKI #1 [FULL]

Streams have been so much more fun lately and I don't think he wants that to change just because of Cry psycho girlfriend. They most likely had a huge fight though, considering she hasn't been around, on twitter much, or streaming at all.

It's been great and I'm really worried she's gonna return. It's obvious something happened no matter what though and I hope that means Cry is finally growing the balls to leave her. Even if he doesn't, she needs to stay off streams or just come on every once in a while because she doesn't fit as a regular. Coyote has heavily implied before that Cheyenne is basically blackmailing Cry with something to keep him with her in order to keep getting money.

Man that sucks. We're never getting rid of her then, unless Cry fucking grows a pair and either lawyers up or shows his face before she does. She still wasn't on stream last night. I don't mind as much if he wants to be in an abusive relationship as long as everyone else doesn't have to deal with it. No milk there boyos. There might not be milk, but it's pretty coincidental that he goes from having a blast one night and then being sullen after Cry responded to Cheyenne.

Well more like guilting him with it. Though i'm sure she used some of it for her trip to visit him. That said, I went and had a look at the gofundme, and it was created by Scott Jund Though how much roll she had in helping get the money raised is a good question but I doubt she was the sole driving force.

I still think people are over reacting a bit to a single twitter exchange, and Russ being a little quiet. There was a gofundme but she opted to have people donate to her paypal. I watched that whole stream. I don't know I just found it weird. Plus whenever someone hadnt donate in a while, she'd suddenly bring up how much she loves Cry and starting tearing up. She just uses Cry to get money and it's pathetic. She used him going to the hospital as an excuse to take profit and that's sickening.

I'll be glad when she's gone but for now I'm happy with her just staying the hell off the stream. That's disgusting. I know they hit the goal before the stream started but I can't remember her being there at all. It's still gross, though. And if she was out of money so badly, thenw why couldn't she just had a donation goal for her to go see him? She's done that before already. She already knows she would've gotten that money quick.

I don't know it just seems weird to me. Just before that post there's a screenshot of her saying that the bits they were giving to Cry would 'pay for her trip' She will always view him as a piggy bank, because that's all she's ever been interested in. That's like two grand easy. Although I do think she took a video card of his. And then he's bought her a PS4, an Alienware laptop, some more pc parts, etc. And then brought her with him and his family to Disneyworld. But, man. You don't just SAY that the money is going to find your trip out there.

She was in chat commenting on the bits he was getting. When he had his galbladder removed, she said the donations were for his surgery, but used some to fly out there and who knows if he ever saw that money.

That was when she had people donating to her PayPal instead of a gofundme. I was asking if it was a charity stream, because that would make Cheyenne look even worse if she talked about them paying for her trip.

Just a 24 hour Enderall stream or whatever it's called. Still, people were sending in super supportive messages about how Cry has impacted them and she's just like "wow, x amount of money, that will pay for my stuff" It was just disgusting.

If he is with Cheyenne, I'd say it would be enough to get her seriously mad, but maybe he did it because they are broken up. If you're single I mean they at least give-" and instead of saying "you" he said "At least give US boobies. Though it he could have just said it wrong but honestly I hope he didn't.

If Cry goes after her that's just mean. Maybe he doesn't! She's a billion times better than Cheyenne and it would be nice to see him with someone who is sweet. There are threads with less milk like Taylor and Venus. Having discussion stay here is fine. I'll try to do a proper translation. Basically someone said "Want me to buy Cheyenne and Russ a plane ticket? You sound like you need some loving. Though it seems after that bit, he turned off the text to speech.

I wonder if Chey just doesn't care much about Cry to bother watching his recent streams with Angel. I'm surprised that Cheyenne hasn't freaked out on social media yet. Isn't that around the same time Cheyenne "disappeared" from the streams? I wouldn't give that much thought.

It's just Cry's character to flirt with literally everyone. I wouldn't read too much into him and Angel.

He interacts with her the same way he interacts with all his friends, it's just now he's ABLE to interact with her because Cheyenne's toxic ass isn't around. Someone asked if she was single in chat and he told that person they'd have to "get in line" so it seemed like a bit more than the same flirting as with everyone else, but I guess it still could be. We know how lonely Russ has been since Red and him broke up. Plus mentioned above, she recently went through a death so I doubt she'd up emotionally to date.

Lonely or not, he doesn't have dibs on her for knowing her first, nor does she really have to date anyone at all. So many times I see people putting Angel with other people, just let her live her life. We shouldn't be shipping anyone.

Shipping is alright, what's fucked up is when people get weirdly aggressive and emotionally attached to these ships. It would be two consenting adults doing what consenting adults do. Russ is great and all, but angel has no obligation to get together with him just because he's lonely.

That said. Russ seems to try too hard for me to be attracted to him. Russ is alright but he isn't much of a looker. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and all, but he's probably an uggo. I think he's naturally funny.

The anon wasn't even talking about looks. All i was saying was that it's unfair to say he's uggo when not everyone thinks about looks. I'm not trying to fight so agree to disagree. I simply answered that I love Cry even if I think he's ugly, which implies that beauty isn't the whole point. We're arguing the same thing here, no reason to agree to disagree. My bad. Angel and Russ probably aren't going to date since they haven't already and it'd be kinda messed up of Cry to date Angel when Russ seems to like her.

It's the bro code. You don't do that. You're assuming Russ has a thing for her. That song was made for one of his exes, and I doubt Cheyenne would like him doing that. Even if they're just friends though, I personally don't really want my friends dating since I would be caught in the middle of any argument. Think he's finally gotten the balls to stand up to her a little bit.

I think he's annoying as fuck. It doesn't even seem like the others like him around so much, I feel like he was only brought around for a bit because he was Cheyenne's pet and now it's awkward.

And then as soon as they were talking about bringing people in, he was all "Hey guys :D" as if he had just got there. But I think Cheyenne isn't even talking to him or playing games with him either.

He always happens to show up just as they're inviting others. I don't get it, he's not funny at all. He's just annoying. Amaz has a pretty heavy accent. Riskem doesn't. Then again he's fucking young compared to the rest of the crew. He needs to chill out like Chey. They're in similar age range that's probably why they got along well. Especially since Chey's been MIA and sightly after cry's initial depressing weeks. Also chat has been pushing Angel a lot and it's kinda annoying when we barely got chey off.

I guess am not ready for another female in the crew since not a lot of them can pull their weight. And Russ can do Angel's job lel memes so she doesn't really have a role. Just another Russ 2. Also, comparing her to Cheyenne or saying that there shouldn't be females on stream because of Cheyenne is fucking stupid. Holy shit dude. Cheyenne broke radio silence. I'm scared. Either way, yeah, Cheyenne is going to stream tomorrow and she's apparently 'back'.

I'm surprised if they didn't break up and Cry has been bringing Angel around, flirting like crazy and talking about banging so many people. We'll have to see what happens, but if they're not broken up, maybe they're taking a break.

Hopefully he finishes off that toxic horrible relationship, in the meantime, I hope she doesn't come back to the LNC. Maybe she's still trying to get as much money as she can.

Probably was running low. Or was it just a social media post? Well, I guess now we just wait then? Except hope. I hope another one of his auto-hosts are streaming before her. But then again she'd probably make Cry switch it. Personally, I'd rather see him stay single and work on bettering himself after being in an abusive relationship for so long. I've seen a few people in the thread say they'd like that, but that's hardly evidence that most of us do. I don't hear him speak of her much.

Cry probably did the deed after how that shit went down with Sage, Angel, and Mash. Who was he talking about? I don't think he meant Cheyenne.

I feel bad for her, I bet it kinda feels like chat just wants her around to see who she gets paired off with since that's all they talk about. I don't know what else that could mean. He does sound happier lately though. And considering the timeline and how she's been gone since that stuff blew up, I'd say that her part in bullying more girls probably was the last straw this time. What Cry said earlier just left me thirsty for milk, I need to know shit.

But who really knows anymore lmao. It took me far too long to realize that it's monday, and it's NOT anywhere near 11pm. You've taken 10 years off my life. Trigger warnings plz.

How does she even have her sub button still? Nothing about having to stream, unfortunately. She does not deserve the peace. Maybe RIT. Rest In Torment. She's super rude to her subs. No one but Cheyenne matters to Cheyenne. PNG The description in Cry's new video. More hints that he's possibly single or is it a bit of a far stretch? She was discussing her siblings and how they're already married and have kids.

She said something like "I'd like to get married by the time I'm 30, but don't tell Cry that. Then people in the chat were joking about her proposing to him while streaming.

I fell asleep while watching her stream so I'm not sure if she mentioned anything else. I picked it back up but she seems to be focusing on discussing the game right now. As long as she doesn't come around LNC, I couldn't care less. Cry's an idiot though. Stuff doesn't really add up. I mean. If Cheyenne ran off on vacation to bermuda, was taking some time away from the internet, had sick family, or was focusing on something or another, why all the vagueness?

I mean I don't think we were told anything? I wanna vaguely remember something about "some time to herself" but that may be me remembering stuff that didn't happen. But why be so vague? Plus Cry's behavior is weird. The super-depression. Then being upbeat and so flirty when he hasn't been able to be that for a long time because of cheyenne. I dunno. It doesn't add up. I'm not saying that they are broke up or anything but I'm not sold on them still being together.

She said that she's been spending most of her time with them. You're right though, there definitely is something up with Cry and Chey.

One of them, or both of them, aren't telling the truth. I am going to assume though that he is realizing how unhappy he is in this situation and now all he has to do is see how to break it off. This phase seems like he's trying to distance himself. I guess all we can do is wait for saturday and see if she actually shows up or not. Actually it's pretty happy news, over all.

So why the secrets? And he got a LOT of questions about it. Speaking from experience, it tends to be a slow creep in and a slow creep out, rather than BOOM! Of course, that's my own experience. Cry could be a little I think this is the right one manic depressive or maybe there was something wrong that got better.

I like the way you think, though. My bad, I apologize. Now I could only guess what that's supposed to mean- but that would only be me, ironically, assuming.

It seemed very personal, the way he was talking about it. Now I really do think he used the time Cheyenne was away to actually look back on their entire relationship.

He might feel like he is the only one trying to keep it together something everyone experiences at least once- even in friendship. The problem with that feeling though, is that as soon as the other person does something as small as simply saying "Hi" first- your train of thought immediately goes back to "Oh I was just imagining things they do care!

Sometimes the feeling is "Oh, NOW they want my attention. Sometimes, all the apology in the world can't fix what was broken, though. But I do think Cry has given a lot of thought to things lately, and that's good. Because even if they're not broken up now. Maybe later, maybe next time, it will be the last straw.

After all it sounds like the seed of doubt was planted. It might be asleep at the moment. But the next time she starts spewing bullshit, it's gonna fertilize that seed. Either Snake or Russ for sure.

Russ money and angel dating

Jund is too money hungry. You make a good point- but it really depends on how hard you're holding onto something, from what perspective are you observing it, or what kind of person you are. His perspective to this might be mostly- if not entirely- self-central.

Which is why he would think he is just imagining things while looking at their relationship and where it's headed. As for the relationship itself, it might not mean much to him- but I personally don't think he would be the one to break it off.

As I said, he does not want to be the reason something doesn't work out. In my humble opinion, of course. I've been hanging around these threads for a while, and everyone has opinions and everything, and I know so fucking much. I talk to Cry on quite a regular basis, via Skype and I can confirm that you guys are right. He is not happy at all.

He's far from it. I hope it's okay if I don't reveal my identity. Thing's have gotten quite intimate between us in some ways. I would totally be open about this but the thing is, I'm fucking terrified to go public with this information. I don't even know how much I can say.

But I'll still be drifting around here, keeping an eye on this whole thing. You guys deserve to know what's going on and I'm sorry that he isn't more open about this. I'm worried about him. Especially since Angel was brought back, conveniently after Cheyenne disappeared.

Worth Cheyenne around, I doubt Angel could come back, I also doubt she'd want to since it looked like from the outside she was very heavily bullied by Cheyenne and Sage.

I kinda feel like if Cheyenne was brought back there might be issues? Unless they happen to solve months of that stuff happening, which I feel like is unlikely. Or if Russ and Snake are okay with Cheyenne back. I have no idea, guys. I feel like we're getting two different stories and maybe Cheyenne is just a delusional crazy person?

Either way is confusing and I'm curious to see where it goes. I want to believe. It sounds like he needs one.

And I really mean that when we're lost, we look around for a guide. I just want him to be happy. And to know what's going on, but him happy first. And although all of them are Twitch partners I have no idea if they'd have enough money just on their own numbers compare the nightly numbers for their individual streams with LNC, LNC gets easily over every week usually a lot more while their individual streams usually get less than which is still pretty good for Twitch, so it might be enough to financially support them.

But the point is, we don't know their financial situations. They might not be able to pay rent if they leave the LNC, and honestly, that's probably part of the reason why they've stuck around so long and put up with Cheyenne's BS. You're right that Cry is unhappy with Cheyenne, but that's not the full story, and if you had more of the actual story, I'm not sure why you wouldn't say it if you were willing to give away that randomly.

Just be careful in believing all anons off the bat. I tried to bring it up to him casually, simply asked him if he had googled anything relating to himself recently, he said he hadn't. I'm more than happy to post some sort of evidence that I do in fact talk to him.

I could post a screenshot of one of our call durations or something. Or piss ourselves with joy. Or both. Gasp with piss or something. He may have it bookmarked. He may have had the link shared with him, no google involved, etc.

I think the other anon forgot that there are in fact people in here that know what is happening and just correct misinformation in here. I didn't want to bring attention to it because majority of the people there are cheyenne and sage supporters.

Is it mods only? More personal things are blanked out for obvious reasons. There have been fake Cry Skype shit before in tumblr and reddit.

But it's more proof than we've seen from most people. Too much proof becomes personally identifying. I'd rather Cry have a friend, than we have proof. Take what Anon M says with a grain of salt. Like you would anything else anon posted here. He does know about this thread. That would be a complete invasion of privacy for him! Thank you. You could easily just state the truth through "My theory is:" like every other anon here and tell what's actually happening. That way we'd consider it, Cry wouldn't know it's you, you wouldn't have to reveal anythingcome on.

Clearly there's some salt in here so I'm just going to go back to hovering. I'm glad that a lot of you seem to care about him, though. Thank you guys for that. Any screenshot? A voice clip? How many hours days. How many of us would be able to recognize that this 10 second clip is from of editing part 12 of game X? There's no way to present proof, shy of giving away something incredibly personally identifiable. Just let the girl leak what she feels comfortable leaking.

Or making up. Grain of salt. Use your brains. I think they're telling the truth. I've been watching the dork for years and would hate to see him crash and burn.

I'm not gonna reveal who I am, I'm not gonna contribute to this in any other way than the way I currently am, but I know for a fact that this is fake because I'm a friend of his. Here are my reasons. His location isn't and has never been "United States". He keeps it somewhere overseas, won't say where, so people won't find him on there. A common trait with these drawings is the depiction of Cry having blue eyes, and ear length or slightly longer brown hair.

Less common depictions see him with blonde hair. In a video he made together with PewDiePie and CinnamonToastKen, Cry said that he doesn't have brown hair and doesn't own a green hoodie. He also said that "Green isn't even my Cry's color! He does, however, adore plaid. Despite this, fans still use the name "Crybabies" on occasion, and Cry will express he thinks the name is dumb, or he just generally dislikes it. The Crys are seperate personas representing Cry's moods.

Some personalities are silly and fun, much like Cry usually is, while others are a bit more dark or malevolent. Certain personalities, such as Mad or Virus, are represented in fanart as cold or evil versions of Cry. The most known Crys in the fandom are these 5 personas he "changes into":. MadCry : One of the most known and infamous of Crys, Mad is personified by a bloody mask with the mouth of the mask opened, revealing sharp "teeth". He is also personified as Cry's evil twin of sorts, shown in some drawings fighting against his malevolent doppleganger.

While he is very rarely unleashed, when he is, Mad is known to use violent methods against NPCs, and uttering a laugh only attributed to an asylum patient. VirusCry : While he is a bit like Mad, Virus is actually one of the more mysterious of the personalities Cry "controls".

It's to be noted that while Virus may not posses Cry himself, he does posses the main tool Cry keeps at his disposal: his computer. He is believed by some to be the main cause of why most of Cry's games crash in the middle of his recordings. Virus is usually represented in a similar way to Mad, but uses a blue color scheme instead of red, with his mask's mouth shut, but his "teeth" are still shown. Also, replacing the blood usually staining Mad's mask, Virus instead had a neon-blue patch of data growing across the mask.

This patch is known as the "Virus infection", known to infect certain individuals who come in physical contact with Virus.

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