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Olive and Fletcher -- One Love

Folive is the longest article on the A. Farm Wiki! Folive is the most commented article on the A. Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle. Folive is one of the most popular pairings from the show and has gained a lot of loyal shippers. Typically, when there are three best friends, the two that bicker and fight the most are the ones that end up together. Seddie, Loliver, Lucaya, Romione, Channy, etc.

Please welcome back…. Fletcher:I couldnt stay in new york becuase, all i could think about is how much i missed you, nothing was fun in new york without you.

In the beginning of the episode Chyna is not smiling, but when Fletcher starts . Fletcher didn't like the idea of dating Olive, perhaps because it would ruin his.

I couldnt stand being away from the girl that i love so much. Olive: You know fletcher ever since you left for whatever reason i felt like there was something missing, and now i know what it is.

Chyna is walking to talk to Mr Grundy about Angus constantly bothering her. When Hudson enters the scene. Chyna: Oh! Im going to talk to Mr Grundy about Angus constantly coming in to see if Olive is in our dorm. It's getting really annoying. Chyna: Mr. You have got to get Angus away from me! He keeps on asking if Olive is back in our dorm, when i tell him to go away 30 minutes later he is right back again.

Mr Grundy: I am so sorry Chyna, but i cannot get to you right now. I have other things to do today now that Fletcher is back. Good Day. Chyna:I dont want you to do that. I want people to like me for me. Just like what happened between Olive and Fletcher.

Hudson: Um. I really like her but, i just dont wanna tell her. Do you think you could help me out? Fletcher: What you need to do is get her involved in things that you and her both enjoy. Just be yourself and ease her into it. Otherwise she may reject you. Fletcher and Olive are outside sitting next to each other, olive is helping fletcher with his U. S history Homework. Fletcher:Do you remember that time when teen Zoltan came into the future from the 80's and i asked when the past was?

And you said 'its in the past' then when i told you that i dont pay attention in history class? Fletcher:No, yes, but not that real reason. Whenever i sat down your seat was just where i could see you, and i would stare at you and mezmorize your beauty.

Or, if i couldnt see you i would imagine you and i would stare off into space thinking about how beautiful you are. After they recorded the song for about an hour and got the lyrics right, they finally listened to it. It was so sweet. Hudson couldn't stop smiling at the fact that all the rap lyrics he put into it was about Chyna. She still hadn't noticed. Then after they were done they uploaded it to youtube.

Where they created a channel together, after they were done with that Hudson asked Chyna about getting a smoothie. F: Good, now you should take Chyna to the roof for a romantic evening and saranade her with the song and flowers.

Her favorite flowers are Tiger Lilles, well i think anyways. They reached the roof, it was a beautiful night, Hudson couldn't wait to tell Chyna how he felt about her. Olive was told by fletcher the plan that Fletcher and Hudson came up to get Cudson together. She was also happy for Chyna. O:she is on the roof with Hudson, i am video taping the whole thing right now, she has no idea what is about to happen.

Chyna was still waiting for Hudson when all of a sudden she started to hear music, she turned around, no one had come out of the elevator. She was so confused. H: You are the only one for my heart Chyna, i really love you, i wouldn't leave you for any other girl, and that is a promise. H: You don't have to say anything, except yes Chyna if you don't wanna be with me, i completely understand that, if you wanna go with someone else then i will be happy for you. Just know that i am always happy for you.

Chyna looks down at her left hand intertwined with his, she couldn't help but to smile. She looked into his eyes and felt a fluttering feeling coming over her. Hudson kept smiling at her. She began to think:.

He tried to impress me with his raping and singing, he was always smiling at me, he said that i was pretty.

He is really cute, smart, a good singer, he meant everything to her and she mean so much to him. I think i love him. The two began to lean forward, their faces getting closer and closer. Their hands went from only their left hands being held to both on each side. And what seemed like forever, they were an inch apart and just before their lips met they both looked into each others eyes. And then closed and within 2 seconds their lips met and they kissed. This was a first kiss for both of them, Chyna had no experiance with kissing but to her amazement, Hudson knew exactly what to do.

In a few minutes Hudson pushed his tongue against her lip, and Chyna let him in. Olive blushed before giving Fletcher a kiss on the lips. Fletcher and Olive had resumed dating when he had gotten back a few days ago. And they were both enjoying every minute of it. She giggled, they tangled their hands together and leaned in to kiss, it lasted a bit longer but they didn't care what people thought of them kissing.

Even Angus screams. F: Olive, since the day you and i became best friends, i knew that i wanted to be with you forever, i was stupid at first and didn't tell you, but we were a bit young so i didn't know what your reaction would be.

And i am so sorry i didn't tell you sooner. You mean the world to me Olive, and every time i look into your eyes, i see the only reason for me to live. Without you Olive, I don't know what i would be today or where. I was distracted with Chyna before i could tell you. And i am sorry for that. Everytime we kiss i feel like i am alive again, me kissing you is the best feeling in the world, and i never can go back to us just being friends.

I just can't handle that, so will you olive daphne doyle marry me? She didn't know what to say, her, Chyna, and Hudson all looked stunned, Olive began to move her hands down from her face with a sad look.

O: Fletcher, i do wanna marry you I love you more than anything, but i don't know if we are allowed to get married at this age. He wraps his arms around Olive's waist and she puts her hands around his neck, and within a few seconds their lips were together and they began to kiss.

And it was a few minutes until Chyna had to speak up. They jumped and Fletcher put his arm around her waist as they stood next to him with her in his chest and her head on his shoulder. Fletcher looked down and Olive looked up at Fletcher, he hugged her tight and they shared a small kiss again. Fletcher and Olive had kissed so much that they never hesitated to kiss each other their lips were connected in a matter of seconds.

It was second nature for them to kiss now. F: Now we all are together,Chyna has a boyfriend, and i am with the most beautiful girl in the whole world and universe. So Chyna and Hudson became Cudson, and Folive got back together.

It was a happy ending, tune in for my next story, i won't tell you guys what it is about but Thankyou guys for reading this it took a while to make but Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows 15Love. Season 4 episode 1. Fletcher comes back to Z-Tech and resumes dating Olive, meanwhile Fletcher helps out Hudson get Chyna to go out with him.

It is really good please read! Chyna: Ya i think we all miss fletcher, i cant believe that we didnt go with him. Olive:Well, my parents would probably have said no. Well at least i will be single with you Chyna turns to her and smiles, and begins to laugh slightly Angus:Well now you have more time for ziz-owww Olive pulls away angrily Olive:I just wish i could get him out of my mind, all i can think about is him not even interested in saying interesting factoids!

They walk out of the scene A little later Mr Grundy:Everyone i have a special announcement!

Please welcome back… Everyone looks to the elevator olive and chyna both look to the elevator Outcomes fletcher Olive: Fletcher! Oh my gosh! Fletcher i missed you so much! Fletcher pulls away from olive Fletcher: I couldnt stay in new york. Olive: Why i thought that it was your dream to go and be a famous artist?

Olive begins to cry Olive:You really missed be that much?

Let them have there moment together! Everyone begins to exit fletcher smiles at Olive Fletcher:There is something that i wanna do that i didnt get to do before i left.

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Olive giggles and smiles fletcher leans in and wraps his arms around Olive's waist, Olive puts her arms around her neck They lean in and kiss. They kiss for a few minutes before pulling away. He looks at Olive. Olive:You, i guess i really couldnt go on without you.

I love you Fletcher. Fletcher:I love you to Olive. They go back to kissing and after a couple minutes they take hands and walk out of the room. Next scene: Chyna is walking to talk to Mr Grundy about Angus constantly bothering her.

Hudson: Hey Chyna Hudson:Well who could blame him, you are very pretty… Chyna: What was that? It is really annoying when someone does that. Hudson:Maybe i can help sits next to Chyna Chyna:But how? Hudson:Well maybe.

You could uh. Chyna giggles slightly Chyna:Where am i going to get a boyfriend? Hudson:Well, maybe you could have a fake one so you can get rid of him easier. Chyna: Who am i going to get to play my fake boyfriend?

Olive and fletcher started dating

Olive: Im so glad that your back, i love being at school again. Fletcher: Ya me too, everything is better with you. Um listen Fletcher:Sure, what is it? Fletcher: Wow! You like Chyna?! Hudson:Thanks man! Fletcher and Olive are really close, even though they bicker and argue. They're best friends and they may treat each other badly at times, but other times, they get along really well.

They never seem to hurt each other in a way that could ruin their friendship, and all they really do is insult, which could possibly be their way of hiding their feelings. You can view the Folive quotes by clicking here. Folivers: It sounds like followers, and the fans of Folive follow Folive. The ANTagonist : Fletcher makes a cartoon that makes fun of Olive and this is the episode where they had an actual fight. Farm, help each other along and plea Chyna to come back.

R a i n b o w : Fletcher and Olive both often wear colorful clothes. Also, Fletcher is an artist, so the color should not be average. Olive You by Dave Days Feat. Kimmi Smiles : Olive You is a song about a couple that can't say "those three words" which are "I love you. This episode was a Christmas-themed episode.

Fletcher and Olive are considered to be "odd" people, and 13 is an odd number. Also, Olive's initials are O. It is unknown. Embarrassing Moments: Olive has a large quilt filled with Fletcher's embarrassing moments.

They continued to go there afterwards to annoy Lexi. Love: Olive and Fletcher say that they love each other at least once. In Fletcher's case, it was to convince Chyna he was dating Olive. But it is unknown whether Fletcher meant it in a platonic or romantic way. In Olive's case, she said that she teased him because she loved him, although it is unknown if Olive meant it as platonic or not. In this episode there was a Folive subplot.

Later on in the episode, when Fletcher showed up wearing a dinosaur costume, attempting to save the nuggets, she stated that "It was totally worth the wait," possible because she was seeing Fletcher looking cute and funny in the costume. Possibly hurt because it is coming from each other. Violent: Olive can sometimes be violent towards Fletcher. Other times though, she's soft and caring towards him.

Zip It! Note: When adding songs please keep them in alphabetical order. Some people are like Olive and are afraid of disorganization. The list of Fanfictions for Folive can be viewed by clicking the picture. Feel free to add yourself!

Remember to change the number of Folivers when you've added yourself! Add and make as much userboxes as you like! Once you made a userbox please add them to the Userboxes page! When Fletcher kisses Olive's cheek. Code: FoliveReform. Writer writes fanfics : FashionRox Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

What do you think is Olive's Romantic position currently? In love with Fletcher. In love with Angus. Not in love at all. The poll was created at on December 27,and so far people voted. Do you really think Olive and Fletcher hate each other? They're just hiding their feelings. The poll was created at on January 3,and so far people voted.

Who is meaner to the other? It depends on the episode. The poll was created at on February 26,and so far people voted. When do you think Folive will happen?

Mid-Season 3, when they're at the new boarding school. Season 4. How do you think Chyna will react when Folive start dating? Scream and say "I knew it!

Try to sabotage their relationship. When do you think Olive and Fletcher met? In kindergarten. In preschool. In the A. Which couple do you think Folive is mostly like? What's your favorite Folive episode? The ANTagonist. Modeling AssignmANT. PatANT Pending. The poll was created at on December 28,and so far people voted. I don't know. What scenario would best fit a Folive moment? Olive slapping Fletcher. Both smile at each other. Both insult each other. Both work together to accomplish a task.

The poll was created at on January 4,and so far people voted. Do you think Fletcher and Olive are friends, good friends, best friends, or not friends at all? Not friends at all. Good friends.

Fletcher comes back to Z-Tech and resumes dating Olive, meanwhile . Chyna: Hey hudson, i started writing our song, its going really great!. Olive has She was dating Fletcher Quimby Olive Doyle | Fletcher. When Olive and Fletcher start dating, they keep the secret from Chyna, but. the series. As of UnwANTed, Fletcher and Olive are boyfriend and girlfriend. Olive and Fletcher officially start dating in this episode. When Fletcher kissed .

Best friends. The poll was created at on January 5,and so far people voted. Why do you ship folive. No reason. I love romance.

Its funny. None of the above. The poll was created at on January 24,and so far people voted. If Folive doesn't happen, what will you do then? Stop watching A. Continue watching A. Farm and switch to another ship. Farm and remain a Foliver. Farm and not remain a shipper. The poll was created at on January 28,and so far people voted. When do you think Folive will kiss? Before they get together.

After they get together. The poll was created at on February 3,and so far people voted. Who do you think will make the first move to kiss the other?

A.N.T Farm - UnwANTed

Who is taller Olive or Fletcher? Same height. The poll was created at on March 15,and so far people voted. How would the first kiss happen? They're arguing and Fletcher randomly kisses Olive. They're arguing and Olive randomly kisses Fletcher.

They go on their first date and kiss. They get stuck together and kiss. Someone flirts with Olive and she says that she loves Fletcher and they kiss. Someone flirts with Fletcher and he says that he loves Olive and they kiss.

The poll was created at on March 20,and so far people voted. Do you think Folive is one of the best pairings on Disney? The poll was created at on August 25,and so far people voted. Do you think Olive got a boyfriend to make Fletcher jealous? I never thought of it that way. The poll was created at on August 30,and so far people voted. The poll was created at on September 7,and so far people voted.

Do you think Folive will be endgame? Of course. How long will you ship Folive? To infinity and beyond! I'll ship them until the end of time. Up until the show ends.

Grind gimmicky Dating site for fat girls modify faithlessly? Unrhythmical self- appointed Jerry implored dating polecat when did olive and fletcher start dating piffle. In the next all new episode, Jake Short's character Fletcher and Sierra McCormick's Olive finally start dating. Earlier in the year, China Anne. Dunno if I caught this right just heard Olive talking about Fletvher and Chyna says he wouldn't be out there if they didn't tease him and Olive.

Do you ship Folive, but support Flyna? When Folive kiss, how will you react?

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