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Snookis BFF Reacts to Roomie Hookups ?? - Jersey Shore - MTV Reacts

The "Jersey Shore" cast returned to Seaside Heights for season 5. The MTV reality series originally debuted in , and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. This past April, MTV brought back the iconic show with a revival called "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," bringing back a slew of memories for many viewers. But no matter how much you love the show, there are probably some secrets you don't know about the cast and what happened during filming. Here are a few surprising facts about "Jersey Shore" that will make you see the show in a different light. As casting searched for the perfect guidos to compete for who was the "best guido," they eventually changed course, and "Jersey Shore" became the reality show we know today.

Angelina tries to sell things but she fails. Back at the house, Nicole and Sammi talk about the fact that she is going home.

Sammi talks to Nicole and tells her that she needs to build up some self esteem and Nicole tells that she is not a strong person but it is clear that she is rethinking her decision to go home. Meanwhile, Mike and Ronnie work out and Mike thinks at first that Ronnie is going to be competition for him when he tells that Sammi is hot.

It's no secret that the JS kids like to get it in, and when the clubs offer nothing but grenades, they have no trouble smushing each other. With so. Let's Revisit the 'Jersey Shore' Hookup Board, Shall We? twice, hooked up with three out of the four men in the house Mike "The Situation" JWOWW and Pauly had a fling, and Samantha "Sammi Sweetheart" Giancola. Did hook up with a barbeque for the fact, does not take the guys prepare to find out, ronnie did jersey shore, and mike. Last time; ron and sam.

Nicole decides she is going to stay and tells everyone. Mike and Sammi go into work and Sammi tells that they are going to work good together.

??Hottest Hookups ??In 'Jersey Shore' History - MTV

Angelina is on her boyfriend and she tells that she would never cheat on her boyfriend. They all decide to go out. Vinny comes into the T-Shirt shop and tell Mike and Sammi that they are going out. Mike and Sammi are upset because they have to work.

At Karma Club, they start dancing and the roommates dance with guys and girls. Angelina is shocking Vinny because she has a boyfriend, but she is dancing with guys all over the place.

Sammi Giancola

Nicole takes a guy back to the house with her and Jenni and Pauli D. Nicole brings back the guy and Mike and Sammi are on the loft talking.

Nicole and her new fling go up to the loft and start talking and eating. The rest of the roommates get back home and Pauly D.

Up on the loft, Nicole wants to make-out with her guy she brought home but he pukes.

She goes downstairs and she tells that her boy is puking. Vinny and Ronnie tell her that she is not getting anything and Nicole gets offended that they thought she was going to have sex with a stranger. She walks the guy home and they say goodnight.

The next day, Angelina wants to know what she did last night and they tell that she cheated on her boyfriend.

Mike and sammi hook up

She takes the defensive and tries to call her boyfriend up, but he tells her that he is in a meeting. Vinny wakes up and tells that he thinks that he has Pink Eye. Ronnie tells that it was probably from that ugly girl he danced with last night.

From left to right: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, Paul 'Pauly D' DelVecchio, and Vinny . JWoww creates the infamous hookup chart. MTV . Snooki and Deena on the last day of filming for season 6. The roommates get up and Mike The Situation cooks Sammi Sweetheart The rest of the roommates get back home and Pauly D. and Jenni kiss on the bed . While it happened way back in , Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Vinny Guadagnino's hookup (which went down when she was dating her.

He has to work today and he tells Danny that he is not going to be able to. Danny tells that he needs to find someone to cover his shift. At the house, Vinny tries to convince the roommates and Sammi tells that she will cover and then another person will cover Vinny goes to the doctor and he does, in fact, have Pink Eye, but it is not that contagious and he tells that he can go out tonight.

I think she did it. Jenni told Nicole when they were arguing the day they went to that vineyard that she was feeding everyone except her (Jenni). Sammi and Ronnie get into another huge fight, leading to their break up. down - but it erupts again when Sammi overhears Mike talking to Ronnie about it, has been lying and Arvin himself tells Ronnie that he and Sammi had hooked up. When we sat down to watch our very first episode of "Jersey Shore," we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Yeah, we assumed something.

Before going out, Ronnie makes his famous protein drink and Sammi comes down and Ronnie tells that she looks hot. Mike tries to be the gentleman and tells that she looks very nice. Jenni and Pauly D. But, before she does anything that she is going to regret, she leaves and gets herself some meat and water.

Yeah, we assumed something fabulous would ostensibly come out of Vinny 's pit-stained, fist-pumping promobut we just didn't know what.

As the minutes ticked away, the show became increasingly more fascinating, and by the end of the premiere, we marveled at the hookups -- both hot and, well, not. Let's relive some of the strangest smoochin' and smushing that made Season 1 so memorable.

17 surprising facts you never knew about 'Jersey Shore'

Hot Tub Tonguefest. Who can forget Snooki's almost reputation-killing Jacuzzi dip from Episode 1?

She quasi-cannonballed into the steaming hot water, started licking Ronnie up and down, then got denied by JWOWW when she went in for a kiss. All the guys said that she was way too sloppy, but natch, they changed their minds later on.

All In The Family. After intercepting a phone call from Mike's sister, Melissa, Vinny invited her to come party with them at Headliners. He wasn't feeling her in the beginning cuz she looked like Mike "with a wig on"but eventually he got over it.

Creeping runs in the fam, because during another visit, she snuck down into Vinny's room.

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