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Why Is This Actor Playing the Same Character on Finding Carter and The Fosters?

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With this newfound information, Carter is then returned to, and attempts to fit in with, the family she never knew she had. All episodes of the first season are named after notable films of different eras. For the first half of the second season, all the episodes are named after notable songs. The second half of the second season features episodes named after novels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Crash explains to Carter how Max thinks Shay is running drugs; Max relays to a Ofe offers to make "the perfect post-hookup/pre-study sandwich", and Taylor. We're counting down Finding Carter's 10 most jaw-dropping moments so far. Check out #6 and watch new episodes of Finding Carter beginning October 6th on MTV. Mere days after Max and Carter's misguided hookup aired, The Fosters went the exact same route. Wyatt's been in and out of the picture for a.

Carter then vents to Crash about the pressure she's feeling from her family. Taylor and Ofe have become friends with benefits, though Ofe hints that he would like something more. Max is hard on Bird when she's unable to put up her share of the rent due to her reckless spending.

Taylor and Grant finally find out about David and Lori's affair when Taylor finds the old photo of David in Carter's desk. Later that night, Carter and Crash go on their first real date and head to the town fair afterwards, where they meet up with Taylor, Ofe, Bird, Max, and Grant. Carter also runs into Abby and restarts worrying about her future. Crash gets a call from his uncle, who needs help at the car shop, but he passes the job onto Max so that he can stay behind with Carter.

When Max receives the car that he was supposed to get into the garage, he inspects the back and finds that it's filled with cocaine. Thinking that he has been set up, Max confronts Crash about possible illegal drug dealing, but Crash insists that he didn't know his uncle was participating in such activities.

Grant is still seeing his therapist regularly and asks Taylor for advice when he considers going on anxiety meds.

Taylor tells him that he has other options and the two share a bonding moment. Crash confronts his uncle Shay about the cocaine and Shay lashes out at him for exposing his operation by letting Max take care of the car. Carter happens to stumble upon the two arguing and gets dragged into it. Crash decides to leave Shay when he's threatened and Carter insists that he stay at the Wilson house under Elizabeth's protection, though Elizabeth hasn't forgiven him for his past wrongdoings.

Max is unhappy to learn about Taylor and Ofe. Later, Taylor faints over at Ofe's due to taking some pills that she had stolen from him. Shay ends up finding Crash at the Wilsons' and after a short confrontation, they get him to leave. Crash tells Elizabeth the truth about his situation with Shay and the next day, the cops show up to raid the car shop, only to find that Shay has packed up everything and left. Not wanting to get the Wilsons into more trouble, Crash decides to leave them and enlist in the military.

Also, Elizabeth tells David that she wants to move forward with a divorce. Carter begins to really worry about Taylor's recent behavior after they get in a car accident, for which Carter takes the fall because Taylor is still taking pills. Taylor is in charge of putting together a college information day in the gym and shows signs of cracking under the immense pressure.

Unhappy with his parents' new relationships amidst their separation, Grant plays a prank on Kyle, which isn't received well by Elizabeth. Taylor reluctantly hands over the night shift to Carter so that she can finish an important application.

Meanwhile, Bird stumbles upon Gabe having an illegal affair with guidance counselor Abby. He begs her to keep it a secret, as Abby could go to jail for being with a minor. When the situation comes to light, however, Bird insists that she didn't tell, though Gabe doesn't believe her until he finds out that Abby's fiance was the one who turned her in.

An irritant Taylor ends up heading back to the gym in the middle of the night to kick everyone out so that she can set everything up herself. Elizabeth is mad at Joan when she finds out that Grant was still seeing a therapist behind her back. He later tells his parents that he wants to move in with his grandparents. Later, Carter confronts Taylor and they have a heart-to-heart about the Lori situation that started the downward spiral in their family.

Carter is grounded for getting into the car accident while texting and driving.

Taylor feels bad and wants to tell their parents the truth, but Carter tells her not to. Carter's old best friend Madison shows up at her front door and while Carter is upset that Madison never tried to contact her after she left Lori, she's invited in. Madison gets Carter to sneak out of the house and the two check out an apartment that Madison wants them to move into. Madison keeps speaking about Lori in a positive light and how Carter's life was full of freedom before the Wilsons.

The constant negative talk about her family leads to Carter kicking Madison out of the house and going to stay with Bird temporarily.

The arrival of Madison also brings up talk about a piece of Max's past that he had previously not divulged to Taylor. Meanwhile, it is Elizabeth's birthday and the family tries to hold a celebratory dinner amongst all of the chaos. The night seems to be ending well until Carter receives a call from Lori's facility saying that Lori had just tried to kill herself. Even though her loved ones are trying to get her not to, Carter wants to meet with Lori to see what's really going on.

Madison continues defending Lori to Carter and Bird. Taylor is upset that Lori is still messing with their family, but refuses to let her disrupt their lives.

Joan, Elizabeth, and Taylor are set to participate in a fashion show at the country club. Max drives Carter to the psych ward to visit Lori, who is in a disturbed and depressed state. Lori tells Carter that she should leave and that she never wants to see her again. After Lori refuses to have a real conversation, Carter tells her that she still loves her and leaves in tears. Right after Carter walks out, Lori tells the nurse that she knew Carter would come when she got the news, indicating that it might have all been an act to gain sympathy.

At the country club, Madison and Bird bond over their difficult family situations. Also, Gabe lets Elizabeth know that Kyle wants to ask her to move in with them, which might be faster than Elizabeth wants to be going with the relationship. On the drive back from the visitation, Carter breaks down and Max pulls over to comfort her on the side of the road. The two end up sleeping together in the back of his truck and they realize their mistake when they wake up afterwards.

Stay With Me/Recap

Back at home, Taylor apologizes to Carter for not being more supportive regarding the events with Lori and Carter is left feeling even more guilty. Rodman Flender. Wanting to escape all of recent drama, Carter and Taylor invite Max, Bird, Gabe, Damon, and Madison to their grandparents' cabin for a weekend getaway.

Max and Carter are feeling the weight of their secret and struggle to find the right time to tell Taylor. Madison is also trying to find the perfect time to tell Carter about the extent of her involvement with Lori.

Carter ends up telling Madison about the hook up and word soon spreads to everyone except Taylor. Gabe insists that Taylor needs to know and gets a small fight with Max over the secret. Later, Taylor tells Max that she still loves him and that they can work to get their relationship back to where it was. When it's his turn to speak, Max still doesn't tell her about him and Carter. The next morning, Taylor finds Carter's necklace in the back of Max's truck as they're clearing the gear and questions Max about it.

Meanwhile, back at the Wilson house, Elizabeth tells David that she wishes the divorce wasn't happening. Carter walks into the garage as Taylor is holding the necklace and blurts out that she and Max had slept together.

This sends Taylor into a tailspin and she becomes furious at the two of them. David and Elizabeth are officially back together and they end things with Hillary and Kyle.

Kyle doesn't take it well. The girls receive their SAT scores and David and Elizabeth decide to take everyone to dinner, though Taylor isn't in the celebratory mood. Crash comes by for a surprise visit and they fall back into their relationship. Crash and Max join the Wilsons at the restaurant for dinner and after Max makes a toast in Taylor's honor, she decides to get revenge on Carter by telling Crash about the hookup before Carter can.

He's upset, but tells Carter to give him some time and that he'll see her in the morning. However, Shay has been keeping tabs on Crash all this time and shows up in his hotel room.

In the morning, Shay makes Crash say goodbye to Carter while they take him hostage on the road with them. Carter shows up to the hotel and finds his broken phone on the ground, prompting her to call Elizabeth for help. Elizabeth and Kyle are able to track Shay and Crash down at a car dealership and there is a huge confrontation.

Crash is able to knockout Shay's sidekick, but when Shay is about to shoot Elizabeth, Kyle knocks him down from behind and gets shot in the neck in the process. Kyle later dies at the hospital. It's a week after Kyle's death and everyone is still trying to comfort Gabe, who is putting on a brave face. Carter gets served with papers that tell her that Lori is going to be on trial and is seeking custody of her.

David and Elizabeth get in touch with their legal team to figure out a game plan. Carter wants nothing to do with Lori and visits her to try to get her to accept a plea deal, but Lori is convinced that she will win the trial.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Max reconcile as she seeks his support during this difficult time. Elizabeth packs up Kyle's desk and pays Gabe a visit, where he exchanges some harsh words with her. After pushing aside his friends' offers of help, Gabe finally gives in and decides to stay with Damon for the time being. During the trial, Carter is called to the witness stand and is interrogated about her relationship with Lori.

After going around in circles with Lori's attorney, he gets her to admit that she might still love Lori and consider her to be a mother figure.

Max and carter hookup

Carter then breaks down, thinking that she has ruined the whole thing, though her family embraces her and tells her that it'll be okay. The judge then calls for Lori's last-minute witness, Benjamin Wallace, who happens to be the boy that Carter had briefly talked to outside of the courtroom during the break. He gets up on the stand and claims that he is the son of Lori Stevens and David Wilson, to everyone's shock. Part 2. After learning the shocking outcome of Lori's trial, Carter is determined to get to know her new brother, Ben, despite the warnings of others.

David and Elizabeth come to blows over Lori's latest bombshell.

Meanwhile, Taylor is concerned about Gabe's methods of coping with his father's death. Salvatore Stabile. Loving her new secret job at the bar, Carter struggles to keep up with school until her double life becomes untenable.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Max attempt to celebrate a big anniversary, and Crash gets his new assignment. Carter is alarmed when Lori tells her shocking news about Ben.

As Carter digs deeper into Ben's shocking secret life, Taylor urges Max to help Gabe get back on track. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has a plan to keep Lori away from her family. Carter is still worried about where Ben is but then Elizabeth finds Ben and Gabe together in a jail cell. Carter continues to work in the bar where she and Jared are starting to get closer with each other.

They start to kiss and something is starting to blossom between them which makes Carter feel that she has to tell him the truth about her age. Jared tells her that the bar isn't going so well and that they have money problems. So Carter starts an after-hours-party thing to make money. Eventually Carter tells the truth about her age to Jared and he didn't like what he was hearing.

Did Max & Carter Hook Up On 'Finding Carter'? Maxlor Is Probably Dunzo Now

Carter is still working for Jared although he isn't speaking to her because she lied about her age. Carter catches Ben stealing from Jared so Carter threatens Ben that she will tell on him. Ben tells Carter's mom that she works in a bar so Carter's mom comes to the bar to shout at her. Jared thinks that it's one of his co-workers who stole from the bar so Carter is forced to reveal the truth that it was Ben who stole.

Eventually Carter and Jared meet up outside somewhere and he says that he gives up, trying not to like her, and they kiss. Brian Dannelly. Bird's DJ-boyfriend has invited everyone to a house concert which everyone is excited to go to.

Although Carter has other plans. She is looking forward to having her first real date and overnighter at Jared's. Although, after a little misunderstanding Carter ends up at the house concert anyway. Ben brings his foster sister to the party. This leads to a medical crisis that Carter and Ben have to try to sort out together. Later Carter goes to the bar to try to find Jared where he has prepared a romantic dinner for her.

Elizabeth is worried that she doesn't know so much about Carter anymore so Carter tells her that she's dating Jared. Elizabeth thinks that Jared is way too old for her which leads to Carter threatening to move out.

As Carter and Crash kiss, Elizabeth walks in. She gets onto them for acting like a couple on date night, then walks away, telling him to stay away from Grant as she does so. Taylor and Ofe makeout under the covers. She says she's hungry. Taylor finishes pulling up her pants.

Carter and Max hooked up after Carter was feeling particularly Will Crash Hurt Max When He Finds Out About Max And Carter's Hookup?. Finding Carter is an American drama television series, which aired on MTV from July 8, , . Taylor gets stoned while hanging out with Carter, Max, and Crash. . roommates Bird and Max hang out, which prompts her to hook up with Ofe. Dating - Wikipedia. I Want My Ex Back But They've Already Started Dating Someone Else! Has this happened to you? Were you trying to win back your ex.

Before Ofe can open the door, Taylor falls onto the floor. Ofe runs over to her. Elizabeth helps Carter put the sheets on the blow-up mattress. Carter is upset with the way Elizabeth is treating Crash.

David walks into the kitchen, wherein Crash is doing the dishes. He says not to take Elizabeth's heat personally. Carter explains to Elizabeth that she may be expressing her own fear through protecting Carter from heartbreak, and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

The doorbell rings.

David answers the door to find Shay, who is there to pick up Crash. Outside, Elizabeth and David talk to Shay. Crash and Carter watch from the doorway, and Crash says he thinks Shay might have found Carter's home by looking for her, not for him. Crash asks Shay what he's doing there. Shay tells Crash to go with him, but the David and Elizabeth stress that he isn't going with him. Shay threatens the Wilsons to mind their own business, and Elizabeth explains to Shay that he is on her property and does not tell her what to do.

After Elizabeth pulls out her badge, Shay relents and claims he just wanted to make sure Crash wasn't bothering them.

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the June 2 episode of 'Finding Carter,' Max is lying through his teeth to Taylor about his hookup with Carter. Even after Max and Carter hooked up on Finding Carter on Tuesday night's episode "I Knew You Were Trouble." Trouble might be an understatement here and, thankfully, it seems like Carter and Max already know that they made a HUGE mistake. The Maxlor 'shipper in me is screaming that. [carter+crash] you're all I need - Duration: ClassicallyCoolProdz 26, views Wilson Integral Collection (Part 1 of p).

David says Crash is welcome there, but Shay isn't. Shay threatens Crash to not talk to anyone until he talks to his uncle again, then leaves. In the kitchen, David passes Crash a drink, then leaves to check on Grant.

Elizabeth tries to convince Crash to tell her what happened; Carter reminds her that Shay was threatening him. Crash feels like he can't turn on his only family, because Shay gave him a second chance, but Elizabeth tries to coax him, saying that family doesn't always know what's best and that he needs to tell her what he knows.

Crash turns to Carter and says Shay shouldn't have came there, or even threatened the Wilson family, then tells Elizabeth Shay's real name is Walter Chase. Taylor drinks a glass of water in Ofe's room. She sets the glass on the bedside table and rolls her eyes as he wipes his eyes with a cloth towel. Ofe suggests going to a doctor, but Taylor says she's just tiredfrom which Ofe gathers that she could be pregnant, and lists out a few symptoms.

She says she is certain she isn't, then says she took some Study Buddies. Ofe stresses that she should see a doctor, because there are some bad pills out there, but Taylor says she's sure they're good, because they were his. They get into an argument; Taylor is upset at Ofe not knowing enough about her to make the assumption that she doesn't need the pills, and Ofe is upset she stole them from him instead of asking. She tells him he's not her boyfriend, then leaves with her things.

At the police stationKyle tells Elizabeth he found three more aliases for "Shay". Elizabeth asks about a warrant; Kyle is surprised Crash came through. Crash walks into Carter's room and looks out the window, explaining to Carter that Shay isn't known to make empty threats.

A paranoid Crash thinks he needs to leave, because Shay tracked him to Carter's house, and he doesn't want the Wilsons to get hurt.

Finding Carter (Season 2B) - Man Date Official Sneak Peek (Episode 15) - MTV

He teases about getting back into drugs, but Carter doesn't find it funny. Crash and Carter cuddle on her bed. David and Elizabeth reminisce over the past and present. Elizabeth explains that, even though she can remember the good times, she also remembers the pain; she wants peace and thinks all she can do is move forward. David doesn't want a divorce; Elizabeth apologizes and says she tried.

In the sanctuary, Bird is surprised Taylor took Ofe's stash and suggests they indulge in tequila. Max walks in, and Bird says they'll start with beer.

Bird spills to Max what happened to Taylor, then tries to cover it up; however, Max wants the details. In the preview for next Tuesday's episode, it looks like Carter and Max will both take the plunge and confess to Taylor about what they've done and I really don't see Taylor understanding. Sure, she was able to get past the fact that Max and Carter dated during her "old life," but this is something else.

Taylor just vowed to be a better sister to Carter during this rough time with Lori and this is what she's going to get hit with? Taylor's been off the rails through most of Season 2 and she finally seems like she's getting some stable ground again clearly, that's not going to last for long. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be off dreaming of a world where Max and Carter never hooked up and Maxlor will live forever like the beautiful 'ship they're meant to be.

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