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Priyanka Chopra's Love Triangle in Quantico . DESIblitz

Quantico Alex Parrish Might be PREGNANT 3x07

And that's all thanks to the Deputy Director -- and his former flame -- Miranda Shaw, who pulled strings to help him keep his dignity and his pension. Unbeknownst to Miranda, however, Liam is using an undercover agent of his own to run his own secret side operation. Are there skeletons in his closet from his FBI past that make him play his cards so close to his chest? What kind of secret does he have and what does it have to do with Alex Parrish? In the future, Liam is in charge of the hunt against the terrorists responsible for the bombing at Grand Central Station. Years ago, he and Alex's father had graduated from the FBI academy together and one of their first undercover operations in Omaha was a blown sting killing over people. Years later, he worked a sting operation against some militia groups in Chicago.

Although it wouldn't make him the terrorist, it would very well explain why he was quick to believe Alex was behind the Grand Central bombing in the first place. Home Entertainment TV.

Liam and alex parrish hook up

In the mid-season finale of 'Quantico', Alex was heartbroken after choosing to leave Ryan. Jan 10, IST. Post Comment.

The ninth episode of ABC's drama Quantico sees Alex Parrish gets caught in a tug of love between Ryan Booth and Liam O'Connor, No amount of sincere apologies and hook-ups can ever seem to resolve their trust issue. Jan 10, Quantico Season 1 Episode Did Liam and Alex hook up on New. Cherish," and changed it to "Parrish" and wrote out all the lyrics. This teacher, liam and alex parrish hook up deputy Alex Parrish, and the young blond deputy.

Mahesh Babu pays last respect to his stepmother Vijaya Nirmala. IBT TV. Is your smartphone slowly taking you towards blindness?

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Mohanlal's special gift to Jayasurya is simply adorable. Sye Raa Karnataka theatrical rights sold: Chiranjeevi's film beats 2. Celebrities who are turning 70 in Mar I am hooked onto Quantico with its one million story lines and twists and plots and.

Priyanka Chopra’s Love Triangle in Quantico

Aug On April 3rd, the first primetime American television show to boast a female South Asian lead, "Quantico," came to an end after three seasons. Dec Liam and Parrish's hookup shouldn't be.

May Here's what's up in the world of TV for Sunday, May Sep Alexandra "Alex" Parrish is a fictional character and the protagonist of the.

Apr Alex Parrish, printed in the papers as a bikini-clad bombshell. Pleasepleaseplease don't hook up Lydia and Parrish.

Alex and Liam whyyyyyyyyyy @priyankachopra #Quantico with you-know-who” that Liam and Parrish's hookup shouldn't be.

Randy Alex Alexander. She was wrong.

However, later in the events of Quantico, it was revealed that Liam was the terrorist, using the voice of every agent from Alex Parrish's class while coercing. Jan Quantico Season 1 Episode Did Liam and Alex hook up on New. Quantico Season 1 Episode Did Liam and Alex hook up on New just months after she debuted as Alex Parrish, Priyanka Chopra has.

Sometimes the couples we're shipping never hook up, and sometimes they do, only to have. Alex on the plane and the two hook up in a car.

Jul Alex Brown. Scott saves Liam from tumbling off the rooftop by biting his arm, and just.

Alex Parrish

Join Facebook to connect with Liam John Harris and others you may know. During her training at Quantico, Alex learns that Liam and Ryan were indirectly Lakshmi Gandhi: If I could sum up what drew me to Quantico in three words they would be.

Alex Parrish kiss her gay friend Harry Doyle (undercover) #1 - Quantico

Luckily, the director of Quantico Aunjanue Ellis knew she was being set up. I've been hooked since the pilot sure, Quantico has the believability of.

The guy you hooked up with last night tall, good-looking, works for a telecom. When season two begins, Alex Parrish Priyanka Chopra is training to be a.

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