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Kurts dating adventures Chapter 1: kory, a glee fanfic . FanFiction

Glee - Kurt tries speed dating 6x01

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: They call me mellow yellow - Stories: 41 - Followers: 0 - id: Well this is pretty self explanatory. It will likely be friendship pairings as well as slash. Staff would be appreciated. PM if you're interested. Most, if not all complete.

Puck held in a groan as Kurt walked back to the foot of the bed. Carefully, he undid the first button on his shirt as Puck watched, licking his lips. Slowly but surely, the buttons came undone and Kurt pushed his shirt open, revealing the milky white skin underneath. Without thinking, Puck moved his hands, longing to stroke Kurt's beautiful skin, but he was just met with resistance.

His hands clenched and he bit his lip, doing his best to not try to pull himself out of the hold. Kurt raised an eyebrow but finally slid his shirt off, laying it on Puck's nearby chair.

Glee-What If Rachel was pregnant?

Next he turned around and bent over swiftly, allowing Puck to stare at his ass. Kurt unzipped the ankle zippershis jeans were the type that were so skinny they came with zippers on the ankles to get them over your feetand then rolled back up.

He glanced over his shoulder at Puck and unzipped his pants. He got the top part off before he had to bend over to get the rest off, but Puck couldn't watch that because Kurt had a fucking butt plug up his ass.

He had thought with how dominant Kurt was being that he was going to top this time, which Puck was more than okay with, but oh God he was sure that Kurt wanted to be fucked at that moment. And unless Kurt let him go, Kurt was going to ride him, and ride him hard.

As if he wasn't hard enough. Puck nodded.

Kurt and puck dating fanfiction

Kurt smiled and starting fucking crawling up towards Puck, "As soon as I got home from school, I fucked my fingers, just thinking of you, your voice, your strong hands, your big cock" Puck shivered, Kurt's face right in front of him, his boy's eyes dilated and his tongue swiftly darting out to lick his lips. He rested his forehead against Noah's, "I came so hardbaby, and I knew I just had to keep myself open, just had to get you in me.

Kurt pulled away before Puck could deepen the kiss, but he was soon kissing down Noah's jaw and neck. When he made it down to Puck's chest, the safe place to leave marks, he bit down. Puck moanedKurt loved to bite, and Puck definitely had no problem with it, even when his chest ended up covered with the marks.

Something about the slight pain from the warm mouth was utterly arousing, and feeling Kurt's hard erection press into his own when he first bit down was kind of ridiculously hot. He never thought it would be a kink he'd love so much, but, then again, he never thought he would act on the bisexual feelings he had since, c'mon, boobs. Kurt worked himself over to Puck's nipple, the one that was all deformed from freaking juvie, and gently nibbled on it, not afraid to play with the scarred tissue like the girls he hooked up with after it happened.

Puck gaspedyet again, not badass, but, yet again, he didn't careas Kurt bit on the nub before placing a few small bites around his pec. He slowly traveled around Noah's chest, biting the flesh all along the way and then darting out his tongue in a cat-like manner, licking on the bites as if too soothe them.

Puck knew he was going to be covered with marks, but God he couldn't care less, as long as Kurt's mouth was the thing causing the marks.

Kurt seemed to cover his whole chest with little nibbles and bites when he started traveling down. The lines of bites weren't straight at all, they seemed to go all over the place, but Puck could forgive Kurt for not being orderly about it, seeing as his eyes were closed and he was grinding against Puck's leg and making the most delicious moans and gasps. Kurt opened his eyes when he realized he right by Puck's cock.

He looked at Puck through his eyelashes and quickly put the head of it in his mouth. Kurt licked around the sides and resisted the urge to just take the whole thing in his mouthPuck just tasted so good and Kurt was well aware that he could come just from giving a blowjob, he'd done it beforebut he needed Puck's cock in his ass, and soon.

Puck and Kurt are trying to keep their relationship a secret but it's area of trees not too far away Hummel and tell him that he was dating Kurt. puck growled, the boy only kept his smile on his face as he answered "Hi. I am here to pick up kurt, we have a date tonight" he was still smiling. Pairing: Kurt/Puck, Rachel/Finn, Carole/Burt and others. . school would think they were dating and it was quite obvious to Kurt that Puck was.

So, slightly reluctantly, he pulled away from his boyfriend's erection and quickly moved his body so his ass was right above Puck's cock. He took out the plug and couldn't stop the sob from being so empty leave his lips.

Puck whispered something that sounded like "Jesus Christ" in response as Kurt lined up his hole to Puck's cock. Longing to feel full again, he swiftly lowered himself on Puck's cock, leaving both boys moaning, the lack of a condom intensifying the experience. He set up a steady pace soon, his hands falling to Puck's chest. When he leaned over at just the right angle for Puck's cock to hit his prostate, he nearly screamed, his fingers pressing down so hard into Puck's skin that there would definitely be small bruises the next day.

Puck barely noticed, though, as he started thrusting up to meet Kurt, the impact causing them both to moan even more. The steady, slow pace, was soon thrown out the window as both boys humped into each other, Kurt nearly screaming in pleasure and Puck almost going cross eyed as he groaned. Kurt angled his hips in a way that sent ever thrust of Puck's cock straight to his prostate, and after a particular hard thrust, he couldn't hold back anymore.

His head snapped back, his eyes closed, and his mouth opened as he screamed in pleasure, semen shooting out landing on his and Noah's chest. His whole body jerked around as he came, his ass twitching around Puck's erection, and before he could realize what was happening, Puck came in Kurt's ass with a moan of Kurt's name. After a few moments Kurt leaned forward and undid the belt's hold on Noah's hands. Puck managed to shift his weight around enough to shift him and Kurt onto their sides. He slowly started to pull out but was stopped by Kurt.

He grabbed the butt plug from the nightstand, "I want it to stay in me.

Puck let out a low moan, because, seriously, how was his boy so fucking hot? He slid out and swiftly put in the plug, only a small drop escaping onto Kurt's thigh. Not thinking, he put it on his finger and scooped up some of Kurt's semen from his chest as well.

Puck brought the finger up to Kurt's lips and the smaller teen sucked in his finger without a moment's hesitation, tongue swirling around the digit. Puck felt himself harden, trying not to let Kurt knowthere was no way Kurt was going to want to fuck again. Noah was in the best mood on Tuesday, practically beaming as he strutted down the hallways.

It was insane how much Kurt loved to have Puck's cock in him, and the night before might've been the best session yet. His day was going great and nothing was getting him down, but then gym happened. As usual he was a bit late to gym because waiting until he could steal a kiss from his boy was worth more than being on time to a stupid required course for jocks, so he changed quickly in the empty locker room.

Then after class he was joking around with Finn, Sam, and Mike in the locker room when he pulled off his gym tee. Suddenly the three boys got scarily quiet. Oh shithe thought. He was covered in bite marks from Kurt's session last night. Normally he managed to change quickly enough that people didn't notice, but obviously not this time. He looked back up. Just some hickeys from some Cheerios. Puck had forgotten that he told them and Santanawho was still trying to get over the fact that Brittany was with Artiethat the Puckzilla was taking time off from his busy schedule so Puck could think.

Puck just shrugged and grabbed his bag, leaving the room without saying goodbye. Schue's desk. The stepfamily thing's still going okay? A few weeks ago when we were all changing after gym he had, like, bruises and maybe bite marks or something all over his chest. And now that we pointed it out he goes and changes in the bathroom part of the locker room," Finn said.

Like he turned down sex with Santana," Will tried not to show shock at that fact, since a teacher really shouldn't know his students' sexual personalities as well as he did. And a lot of nights he doesn't want to come out, he just stays at home.

And I feel like for months that he has been hiding something from all of us in glee but it's just gotten worse. Will mulled over the information he had just been given for a moment. I don't know if Mrs. Puckerman is dating anyone, or if his father's back or something, but I'm worried. After a moment Will nodded.

Finn nodded, "Thanks Mister Schue. When Kurt and Puck walked into glee club a few weeks later, they were met with a somber atmosphere. The glee members were sitting on the riser as usual, but instead of chattering, they all stared at Kurt and Puck with confusion and worry etched on their faces. Miss Pillsbury and Mr.

Schue stood by the piano, no Brad in sight. Finally Miss Pillsbury spoke, "Puck, would you, uh, please come sit over here," she gestured over to the chair nearest her in the choir formation. Puck wearily walked over and sat down, followed soon by Kurt who sat in an open chair on the opposite side of the formation. Schuester to express some concern over how you've been acting lately," Miss Pillsbury said, not being a fan of subtlety.

Puck's brows furrowed in confusion and he looked quickly around the room, seeing everyone but Kurt avoiding eye contact. His boyfriend just gave a shrug and mouthed, "I don't know ," looking as confused and bewildered as Puck felt.

Puck remembered that night; Kurt let him hold onto his hair and fuck his dick in Kurt's open mouth. That was a good night. Having quickies with the hottest man alive would do that to youPuck thought I can't help it that I just don't want anyone to know.

Were all these things going to be explained by him and Kurt? And if they did, should he tell them?

that it would be Epically Awesome if Puck and Kurt started dating. A/N: This is actually the first Puck/Kurt story idea I'd come up with. I'm sad. After his mother finds them together, there's only Puck and Kurt. .. I want you to be happy, so you should try dating girls, too. It's what God. Warning: their is only M rated stories in here,also their are some threesome stories,and a few Mpreg stories,also all stories in here are you want your.

One minute, Kurt was just walking away from Cheerios practice out on the football field and the next, heavy hands grabbed him, yanking him under the bleachers and into a wild, sloppy kiss. It always seemed to happen this way, and as wrong and dangerous as letting it happen was, Kurt couldn't back away and say no.

Not when Puck gave him that fiery look that was just the same as the look he'd used in eighth grade, when they were still friends. Granted, it had been Kurt's words that really fucked things up between them, but Kurt could still feel the sharp sting of Puck's hand slapping his left cheek.

The sensation brought Kurt back to reality as staggeringly as it had that day and he pushed Puck away. Kurt wanted to give the jock a scathing retort, but his heart just wasn't in it anymore. Something about Puck's lips against his again made Kurt forget the argument and forget the three intervening years of silence and dumpster dives.

Maybe, just maybe the feud they'd been holding onto was past its expiration date. Since Puck joined glee, it was almost like they were friends again. Sure, they almost never talked to one another directly, at least not before this fall, when the kissing had started again. Noah Puckerman missed having a best friend. Sure, he had buddies and he had sex partners, but he missed knowing someone had his back, no matter what.

Okay, so maybe it was left over from last Hanukkah, but it was festive, right? Raising one eyebrow at Puck's lack of a denial, Kurt tore the paper away to reveal a single fifteen-pound free weight. Seventh-grade, man.

Puck and Kurt have been secretly dating for a while and everything is going well, except for one little thing. The problem? Kurt's a biter and the.

You and me, Stewart-fucking-Middle School! C'mon, man! You know girls only date dudes who are on the football team! He knew Kurt wasn't very into sports, though he was a hell of a runner, but he figured the lure of chicks to date and hanging out with his best friend after school every day would have Kurt agreeing to at least try out with him.

Promise you won't tell anyone? That was part of the whole best friend deal, right? Keeping each others' secrets? Kurt looked up, met Puck's eyes, and smacked him in the shoulder, "No really, Noah! Cross your heart and hope to die? Agreeing to the oath made Puck feel like a third grader, but this was Kurt, his best friend. He could look a little dumb in front of Kurt.

Swallowing his pride and nodding as he crossed his index finger over his heart. Was that all? I didn't start appreciating chicks until, like, the middle of last year. You're just a late bloomer.

Maybe he ate some of that bad taco meat Puck's mom had left in the fridge. Like, like-like. Like, I have a major crush on Jonny Andersen. Kurt liked boys? Like, you don't like girls at all? Wikipedia says, like, one out of every twenty people is like me Looking crestfallen, Kurt shrugged one of his shoulders and said, "I don't know. But, I'd like to fall in love, someday, which is why I'm not going to try out for football. I've got to get really good grades so I can get out of here and go to college.

All the blogs say there are other gay boys at college. He was a little disappointed that Kurt wouldn't even try to get on the football team, but Puck knew better than trying to force his best bud into something he didn't want to do.

I'm thinking a new pair of sunglasses Puck knew it wasn't Kurt's favorite game, but it was fun playing together and Kurt didn't seem to mind too much once he was blowing the heads off enemy henchmen with frightening accuracy. Puck still thought it was weird that his friend liked boys, but he figured as long as Kurt stayed his friend, Puck didn't really care if Kurt wanted to fall in love with the freaking abominable snowman.

The next time it happened, now that they were older and maybe friends again, Kurt totally initiated things. He trapped Puck in the English room eighth period and slipped a note into Puck's back pocket during a long, heated, kiss. When Puck opened it after Kurt voiced away to catch up with Mercedes, the note simply said, "Tree house, one hour. Puck knew the place.

How could he not? He and Kurt had practically lived there together for five consecutive summers as kids.

Burt walks in on Puck and Kurt fast asleep snuggled up together. Since they are fully Kurt and David have been dating for two years. Is their first fight also their. Kurt sent Puck a glare and said, "We can't do that." "We've been He knew how the guy's mind worked after dating him for three months. Kurt. Kurt snorted before agreeing. He quickly grabbed a coat and through it over his sweat shirt. This was what dating Noah Puckerman did to Kurt.

Puck was surprised Kurt would pick that place for a meeting, since their big falling out three years ago had happened there, and he knew that history was repeating itself with all these make-out sessions and fuck, he did not want his ribs broken again.

But lately? Lately he hadn't been able to resist the pull of Kurt and his friendship-plus place in Puck's life.

Puck had been reading comics all afternoon, while Kurt read fashion magazines. It didn't give them much to talk about, but it was better than spending the whole rainy summer day alone at home. Ever since Puck set one little fire in the driveway, his mom had entrusted the care of Puck's little sister, Sarah, with their grandmother, so she wasn't even around to pester him.

Besides, Puck figured what was a best friend for, besides being someone who would hang out with you, no matter what? And the no matter what part was going to come in real handy pretty soon here. Figuring he was a badass and Kurt had been sworn to secrecy since the paintball-to-Mrs. Like, for kissing and sex and stuff? Mouth open a little dumbly and eyebrows up in surprise, Kurt looked over from his magazine and nodded sharply.

It's called bisexual. If you didn't, the other kids would get suspicious. We're best friends, Kurt. He shouldn't be afraid of his best friend, especially since he was the least badass dude ever. Bonus: hanging out with Kurt all the time made Puck look even more badass in comparison!

After a really long silence, Puck did cringe. He was about to take it back when Kurt asked, "Really? You're not just saying it because I don't know, because we're best friends or something?

It's fine that we don't hang out that much anymore. You don't need to pretend that-". In his mind, it was simple. Kurt was awesome, Puck wanted to kiss him.

End of story. Puck put a stop to that line of thought right quick by pressing his lips to Kurt's and kissing them to the best of his ability.

Dude, this was even better than kissing girls! The tree house was dark, but clean. Kurt must have come up here sometime recently to put it right he never could stand letting the spiders up in the corners just be.

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