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Opinion: Klaus Sex Life and Why Hayley Was The One to Destroy His Character - Klaroline Magazine

Klaus gets jealous of Elijah and Hayley

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Ever since I started watching The Vampire Diaries, I knew that it was definitely a sexual show, because while it is actually well written or at least was when I started watching it , well acted, and well produced with impressive cinematography for a televisions show, it is still a teen show and relies heavily on sex to sell it, but I never really noticed until recently just how much characters and their alliances revolved around sex. It really is an omnipresent influence in the show. I think it hit me hardest last weekend while I was re-watching old interviews and panels from last year you know, the ones that promised hope when a Klaroline question was asked instead of the exasperated sighs and annoyed looks that we get now. Phoebe Tonkin said something that actually really made me think shocking, I know.

But it was kind of difficult to live in the moment of these two finally acting on their emotions while Hayley's impending marriage to Jackson hung in the air. Hayley confessed to Elijah her plan to make New Orleans safe for Hope to come home and he kissed her before telling her to go on and marry Jackson. Everything everyone's done up until this point has been to keep her child safe and she'd only be doing what's right, as a mother, by marrying Jackson. Elijah reasoned that he and Hayley needed to unite their respective supernatural groups to ever be able to make The Quarter a safe place for her daughter to return.

And he told her to do whatever it took including make their relationship impossible by supernaturally marrying Jackson. But then they had sex, which seems like it's not a big deal because they've both got a bigger cause to tend to, but how can Hayley realistically walk down the aisle after this?

Sure, he had a sex scene, but he still kept almost all of his clothes on, Because Caroline can trust Klaus and he will always be a better man and character for her. The problem is that in New Orleans, surrounded by the girl who destroyed his character and a slutty witch, Klaus becomes so mentally, emotionally, developmentally, and physically stripped that he might as well be season one Tyler- annoying, childish, and egotistical.

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Klaus : Maybe you should be the one to die for it. Hayley : No one has to die.

Tyler : Hayley! Hayley : No! You want someone dead, go ahead. Kill me. I'd rather die anyway than end up as one of your sired little bitches.

Klaus : Don't tempt me, little wolf. Don't worry about himlove. He'll never make it through tomorrow night. She used you to find the cure, now you're nothing but a loose end. You'll be lucky if she lets you live. Just as soon as you tell me everything you know about Katerina.

Tell me about Katerina. With you, it's drinks and fine dining. But, I have been known to change my mind on a whim. Where is Katerina? Tell me, what did Katerina promise you?

Katherine found me and told me she could help. Well, that does explain your charming bravado. Abandonment issues would do it every time.

Opinion: Klaus Sex Life and Why Hayley Was The One to Destroy His Character

I'm happy to do so, provided you cooperate. Too much. I don't get that. I don't care. This one, doesn't make me wanna puke. Why did you paint it? Klaus : Painting is a metaphor for control. Every choice is mine. The canvas, the color.

As a child, I had neither a sense of the world nor my place in it, but art taught me that one's vision can be achieved with sheer force of will.

The same is true of life, provided one refuses to let anything stand in one's way. Hayley : So, this is your thing? Show a girl a few mediocre paintings, whine about your childhood and I swoon and spill all my dirty secrets? Klaus : I felt I had many charms, but, regardless, I'm enjoying myself. Hayley : And you do whatever you enjoy? Surely not the next century.

Only until I kill him. Hayley : You talk a good game, but the truth is, you let him go. My guess, you know if you kill him, Caroline will hate you forever. Klaus : If I simply killed Tyler, my revenge would be over in a moment. Sentencing him to a lifetime of paranoia and fear, that's Tyler's true punishment. But come now, you never really thought there was a future for you two, did you? Hayley : I don't know, he might have left Caroline for me if I'd use the cure to kill you.

Klaus : And if Tyler has even half your resolve, he may actually make it through the year. Hayley : Doesn't take resolve.

Klaus walks in while Hayley is sleeping 1?2-The Originals

It takes allies, and a network of people willing to do anything for you, including chase down loose ends to their death. It's why Katherine escaped you all this time. Klaus : Perhaps you know the names of Katerina's special little helpers?

Hayley : Maybe I know one or two. Maybe, I'll even tell you. Klaus : My sister informs me that your vampire salient is dead. So, you're safe, and free to go Enjoy some of the good life.

And maybe, I could drum up a few more of Katherine's secrets, and you could do something for me. Klaus : Oh, I'm sorry, love. But you'll never convince me to let Tyler go free. Hayley : Well then, I guess I'll never get my chance with Tyler, anymore than you'll get a shot with Caroline. Do you wanna know why I like that painting? Klaus : Well, perhaps because it allowed you to see into my deep, wounded soul.

The Originals 2x09 Hayley and Elijah sex scene - YouTube Curtains, Home Decor, The Originals - Klaus, Hayley and Elijah Throw Pillow Hayley And Elijah . Mar 16, - Enjoy:PP. Jul 25, - The Vampire Diaries Klaus and Hayley - 4x16 - Sex Scene.

Hayley : I saw how twisted it really is. And maybe I can relate Klaus : So, what's it gonna be? Hayley : You like to be in control, you tell me. Klaus : Running away, little wolf? Hayley : What? Klaus : That mark I've seen it before. People have those. Klaus : In my considerable lifetime, I've only seen that mark on a handful of others.

All from the same bloodline. A werewolf clan that once thrived through much of what we now call Louisiana. Klaus : I wouldn't dare! Matters of family are sacred. Klaus : No. It's impossible. Elijah : I said the same thing myself. Klaus : This is a lie. You are all lying. Vampires cannot procreate.

Sophie : But werewolves can. Magic made you a vampire, but you were born a werewolf. You're the Original Hybrid, the first of your kind. And this pregnancy is one of nature's loopholes. Klaus to Hayley : You've been with someone else, admit it! Hayley : Hey, I've spent days held captive in a freaking alligator bayou because they think that I'm carrying some magical miracle baby. Don't you think I would've fessed up if it wasn't yours? Sophie : My sister gave her life to perform the spell she needed to confirm this pregnancy.

Because of Jane-Anne's sacrifice, the lives of this girl and her baby are now controlled by us. We can keep them safe. Or, we can kill them.

If you don't help us take down Marcelso help me, Hayley won't live long enough to see her first maternity dress. Hayley : Wait, what? Elijah : Enough of this. If you want Marcel dead, he's dead. I'll do it myself. Sophie : No. We can't, not yet. We have a clear plan that we need to follow, and there are rules. Klaus : How dare you command me? Threaten me, with what you wrongfully perceive to be my weaknesses.

This is a pathetic deception. I won't hear any more lies. Elijah : Niklaus! Klaus can hear the heartbeat of the baby. Klaus : Kill her and the baby. What do I care? Good, because I have a question. Hayley, what were you doing in the bloody French Quarter in the first place? Answer me!

Rebekah : Leave her be. Hayley : You wanna know what I was doing? I was buying poisonso I could put your little baby out of its misery. Klaus grabs her at the neck with vampire speed and pins her to the door. Rebekah : Nik! Rebekah pushes him off Hayley with vampire speed and grabs him by the shoulders.

Rebekah : Keep your hands off her! She is pregnant, for God's sake! All of this bluster about not wanting the child, and then the second she tells you she's ready to get rid of it? It's okay to care. It's okay to want something. That's all Elijah was trying to do, all he's ever wanted for you.

All we've ever wanted. Klaus enters Hayley's room while she's still sleeping. He opens her bag and takes out a vial of wolfsbane. He opens it and lifts it to his nose to smell, when Hayley wakes up. Hayley : I didn't use it. Klaus : You're awake. Hayley : I could barely sleep all night. This house is like a freaking swamp sauna.

Klaus and hayley hookup scene

Klaus : What stopped you? You could have been free of all of this Hayley : Yeah, well I realized I wasn't just protecting myself. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my birth parents gave me up, and my adopted parents kicked me out. All I know is push came to shove, and I realized I wouldn't let anyone hurt it. Klaus : I'm beginning to think we're a lot alike, you and I. We're both castoffs who have learned to fight when we're backed into a corner.

Hayley : Well, we're backed into a corner now. Klaus : Ah, that we are. It's time to fight Hayley : This whole thing with Marcel, the deal you have with the witches, trying to take him down, take what's his. Rebekah told me that you two once loved each other like family. What happened? Klaus : I made Marcel everything that he is. I treated him like a son.

And when my father chased me and my family from New Orleans a hundred years ago, we believed Marcel was killed. We each mourned him, in our own way. Yet, when I returned, I found not only had he survived, he had thrived. Instead of seeking us out, instead of sticking together as one, he made a choice to take everything my family had built and make it his own.

Now, he is living in our home, he is sleeping in our beds. That 'M' he stamps everywhere It's for 'Mikaelson'.

Mar 17, - The vampire diaries: 4x16 sex scene. All right go to the CW. After that scene at the end of season two, Klaus remained fully clothed and borderline virginal until his scene with Hayley. Between that and his. Mar 26, - This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in. Vampire Diaries 4x16 Klaus & Hayley Sex scene #5. 39K views. 6. Save. Report.

I want it all back, and if I have to push him out to get it, then that's exactly what I'll do. I'll have someone see to the air conditioning. Klaus : Well, that depends what plan you mean, love. My plan for global domination or Rebekah's plan to find love in a cruel, cruel world.

Hayley : The plan to rescue Elijah. You know, the good brother. Klaus : In the front. If we're being specific. Hayley : Y ou two said that we would get him back. So is there a plan or what? Klaus : Ok. Well firstly, Marcel is not my mortal enemy.

He's my friend. Albeit one who is unaware that I'm trying to sabotage his hold over the supernatural community of the French Quarter.

But a friend, nonetheless. And secondly, I daggered Elijah in order to gain Marcel's trust. If I had known he would place my brother in the hands of a particularly nasty teenage witchI certainly would've weighed my options a bit differently.

And thirdly, sister, please. Rebekah : And thirdly, the plan as you have demanded, is for Niklaus to simply ask Marcel for Elijah back. Hayley : That's Rebekah : laughs Please.

Klaus may be a miserable excuse for a sibling, but there is none more diabolical. Klaus : Well that's only Plan A, love. There's always a Plan B. Hayley : And what's Plan B? Klaus : War. Klaus : I thought you might like to know. Elijah is returning to us. Hayley : Congratulations. I guess being diabolical has its perks. Klaus : You hardly know him. And yet you miss him. What is it about my brother that always inspires such instant adoration?

Hayley : He was kind to me. Klaus looks a bit hurt and starts to walk away, when Hayley speaks Hayley : Hey, I learned something today. I think it's a girl. Tell me what happened!

Hayley : I can't remember. Klaus : You've completely healed. There's not a scratch on you. Hayley : One of the perks of being a werewolf, remember? Not that fast. Klaus : When I get my hands on Sophie Deveraux Hayley : It wasn't Sophie. It was Agnes. Klaus : Fine! Sophie, Agnes, it's all the same to me. I'll slaughter the lot of them. Hayley : Hey, so I'd really like to sleep for a few days. Hayley stands up and stumbles, but Klaus quickly catches her Niklaus Mikaelson : I've got you, love.

I've got you. I prefer for Marcel's informant not to find anything that would lead him back to us, to her or to Klaus points at Hayley's stomach Hayley : You are all class.

The Originals Season 4: Are Hayley and Elijah Putting Their Romance on Hold? She tells TVLine, As much as Hayley is happy to have [Elijah] back, her .. out of the bedroom in Elijah's shirt no less, after she just had sex with him. . in scenes. and to me- Hayley and Klaus are so much more natural. This is a BIG NO HOW CAN HE GO WITH HAYLEY!!!! but Klaus was definitely hot . in The Vampire Diaries season 4 epsiode Bring It On, with scene descriptions. Klaus and Hayley make out and have sex.

Klaus to Elijah Mikaelson : Standing beside the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard. That's all I am to you, isn't it? And to Rebekah. And judging by the way Hayley stands on your every word it's clear she feels the same way, no doubt my child will as well.

Hayley : Why would I go anywhere with you? Klaus : Because, Hayley, that child you are carrying is the only thing on this earth that matters to me. Now, you can fight me on this, but you will lose. As will anyone else who tries to stop you from getting in this car!

Consequently, I trust that you will all pay her the appropriate respect. However, I understand that some of you are concerned by this vicious rumor that I intend to use the blood of our child to create hybrids.

I assure you, I do not. Hayley : Father of the year. Klaus : It appears I will have to earn your trust.

This was really a no-joke scene for Haylijah (even if it did vaguely remind me of Hayley and Klaus' Vampire Diaries sex scene way back when). Klaus And Caroline __ KISS [5x11] [ Full HD kiss, vampire, 5x11, late night, sex and sensuality. phoebeehayleys: Klaus and Hayley Sex Scene [4x16] i am so tired of being harrashed by some other fandoms, they think klayley has no.

Very well, we'll eliminate the root of your anxiety. You see, how I can I sire any hybrids if there are no more werewolves alive in the bayou to turn? Klaus, no! Klaus : So eat, drink and be merry, and tomorrow I suggest you have yourselves a little wolf hunt. Go ahead, have fun. Kill them all! Hayley : Those werewolves you ordered killed, that's my family. Klaus : Not for long, love.

I mean, this so-called family of yours, they haven't done you much good, have they? You said it yourself: they abandoned you and left you on your own. Now it's simply your turn to do the same. Hayley : Maybe they had their reasons. Klaus : Yes, while I have reason too, little wolf. If the werewolves are dead, then the vampires have less desire to kill you. I am trying to keep you safe. Not that you appreciate the effort. Hayley : And as soon as I have this baby, what happens to me then?

Well, lucky for me I have a little while before I find out and in the meantime, I will find a way to pay you back for this. As long as I'm in the family way, well, you can't do a damn thing about it.

Hayley : I was going to take these to the-- Klaus : If you say bayou, I will find a nice, comfy dungeon and throw you in it. This is not the night to be out there. But some people don't have a choice. Klaus : Right! Grab that lot and come with me. Hayley : These people, they're werewolves! And the priest You're helping them? Klaus : They're not your werewolves. They're my clan, from very far back. They've fallen upon hard times and their plight has brought out the philanthropist in me.

What can I say? Must be Elijah's influence. Hayley : What do you mean, your clan? Klaus : The blood that runs in their veins runs in mine Hayley : This family gets more complicated by the second.

Just apologize. He's accomplished in many things, but he is a master of forgiveness. My arrangement with them was supposed to be a secret and yet you forced it out of them. That was very bold. As was your decision to represent them here today, on your own. I trust you'll do nothing to harm our cause. Klaus : Oh, come on, what difference does it make to you as long as your people benefit?

Mar 19, - It wouldn't be The Vampire Diaries without some intraspecies hookups every now and again. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe. In addition to directing Stefan and Caroline's first sex scene in In advance of tonight's Klaus-tastic Vampire Diaries crossover (The CW, 8/7c). They ultimately moved to the bedroom, where they proceeded to have sex. KH. In a later scene, Hayley was seen sitting near Klaus on the bed, putting on her.

Hayley : If I find out that you are playing some game, trying to manipulate us for one of your schemes Klaus chuckles softly Klaus : You know you've come a long way, little wolf? I knew you were tough. I knew you were cunning, but I never knew you were a queen.

Klaus : I'm in a bit of a situation here, love. Hayley : Somebody sent a suicide bomber out to the bayou this morning. Klaus : What? Where are you? Hayley : I'm in the city now, I'm fine. I figured an attack like that must have been Marcel. He's hated the werewolves for years and after that stunt he pulled with the witches, so I tracked him down and I thought you might like to help me kick his ass for trying to blow us to kingdom come.

Klaus : Hayley, listen, I assure you once I have finished here, you will have my undivided attention. In the meantime, please, stay out of trouble. Hayley looks hurt and replies bitterly Hayley : You don't have to worry. Elijah's with me. Hayley ends the conversation and enters a building, without Elijah -- An Unblinking Death At the bar Hayley Marshall : What's the deal with these moonlight rings?

Oliver is trying to start a revolution every 5 seconds, people are scared, angry and frankly, I'm tired of stalling.

Niklaus Mikaelson : It's a day of peace, Hayley. Try to enjoy it. In the meantime, with a matter of unknown enemies conspiring against our family, you'll move back in with us. Hayley Marshall : Awesome. Then we can do that thing where you lock me in the tower, I escape, then there's drama and you two both realize I'm very capable of looking after myself. Niklaus Mikaelson : The rings are in progress.

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