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Should Christian Teenagers Regard Kissing as a Sin?

Is it a sin to KISS before I'm married?!?

Biologically, it is called the sense of touch. For those dating, it can be exhilaratingactual, real-live, skin-to-skin contact with someone of the opposite sex. Just ask any red-blooded male or female who has had a close encounter with Miss Good Looking or Mr. The time to make decisions about physical contact is before you get in a touchy situation. But is all this contact good, upright and moral?

Once you become good friends with someone, it seems as though hugs become part of the way many people say good-bye before long intervals apart or hello when they reunite. Sarah K.

Should Christian Teenagers Regard Kissing as a Sin?

Bill agreed with Sarah K. Kissing, according to our panel, is definitely more intimate than hand-holding or hugs and should be avoided prior to engagement.

After you are engaged, a brief kiss seems appropriate. As Sarah K. He honored that understanding and never took advantage of any vulnerable moment. I respected him deeply for that and still do, even as I sometimes wanted him to kiss me. She said that it was as long as you both understood what that kiss meant.

When Should You Kiss in Dating?

Luke asked if he could kiss me a month before we were engaged. Because I knew his character and because he was aware of what that meant to me, I knew that he wanted to marry me We did have to limit our kisses, because it is fun and intoxicatingmeant to lead to more. We limited our kisses to coming and going so that they did not take over our time together, or prevent our growth in communication.

Is it ever a sin to kiss someone you're dating? The question comes up even more when you see people who wait until their wedding to have. In regard to kissing someone who is not a person's mate, especially in the context of dating or pursuing an extra-marital affair, Jesus revealed a basic principle. Read about Christian dating and get advice, help and resources on Christian single But when he asked to kiss her, his dedication to God was.

This was a good decision. Physical contact that is more intimate than the above is often described as petting. I think that the temptations would not have been fair to either of us. Summarizing her thoughts, Sarah K.

Do you want to feel guilty that you are defiled? Do you want your mate to have been close to sex with lots of others before you? Sometimes being godly is the most challenging when you meet the person you plan to marry. Small things can turn into big things very quickly. It may be the first "stop" for the "train" that ends with penetration and orgasm at the final destination, but it is still part of same general process. It can easily be a sexually charged "warm-up" that prepares for consummation even when the couple ultimately avoids going that far.

Sometimes it is not so easy to put this act in a watertight compartment that is completely separate from sex. One reason for single and dating Christian people to avoid strong romantic kissing is the need to protect their own and other person's purity for their likely marriage to someone else.

If a dating relationship breaks up, and they marry someone else down the line, what kind of memories do they have when they show affection to their future wives and husbands?

Sex is such an intense experience both physically and emotionally. It is hard for people to erase their memories of what happens during it when they are finally with that "special someone" months or years later. As more parts of the sexual relationship are saved for marriage, they then become more special since they are not besmirched by guilty thoughts when done with their life partner.

For further study, see Joshua Harris' book " Boy Meets Girl ," especially pages -where he reasons carefully about why he rejected kissing his future wife before they got married. Physical intimacy in keeping with the level of commitment of a relationship.

In fact, the relationship where I had almost no physical touch with the person was emotionally unhealthy because all of our intimacy was experienced on an emotional or intellectual level. It seems to me to be just as dangerously Gnostic and Dualistic to privilege the mind and soul to the deprivation of the body as it is to privilege the mind and soul to the satisfaction of the flesh.

Additionally, it places undue pressure on those first acts of physical intimacy. It was kind of slimy, fairly odd, and I never expected teeth to be a factor. It simply places too much of an emphasis on marriage, leaving little room for singleness in the church to be fulfilling because singleness obviously precludes sexual intimacy. Also, the threat of venereal diseases is not very nice.

My sexual desire is not an uncontrollable monster I must keep chained up. It is something that is a part of who I am, but that is easily perverted, and I must be incredibly sensitive to that, without strangling a part of myself.

Is dating and kissing a sin

Well Stated Dale! I met someone here a few weeks ago only to find they do not want to commit.

Not just to me but to anybody. But want their cake and eat it too. I am slowly backing out before I get hurt.

At this point their are no feelings to be hurtSo best leave well enough alone. Pls I need advice.

Am about to enter this relationship of which I told the man that there will be no sex in the relationship. Please should I enter this relationship or not. Maybe I am too simplistic, but surely our kisses belong to our husband?

Biologically, it is called the sense of touch. For those dating, it can be exhilarating actual, real-live, skin-to-skin contact with someone of the. We have come to settle this kissing matter once and for all. Amen?! Grab your DATING AND RELATIONSHIP: THE MOTHER TERESA WAY. Kissing and cuddling while in a Christian dating relationship, Pastor Jim asking whether or not kissing and cuddling are considered a sin.

There should be respect as a foundation of any relationship and this one is beginning to sound toxic before it even starts. I can say its better to keep our self for our right spouse to jave it all marriage is not about us is about God and the only wayto please God is to keep our body holy so I say its better our first kissing to be on the alter then after there my spouse will have it all meaning giving her aholy holy virgin body and kisses.

One must take into consideration what lies in the heart as they take on any act in a relationship. For the Bible calls us to love one another as Christ does.

21st Century Christians - Is Pre-Maritial Kissing A Sin?

Therefore begging the question, what will a relationship without kissing mean to you? And ehy?.

Does the Bible say that romantic kissing is a sin outside the This doesn't mean that we should regard all kisses with a dating partner or with. Many Christians wonder if kissing may be a sin. Kissing and French kissing are very common activities between both couples who are dating and married. We did not refrain from kissing because we felt that kissing was sin. What is the Christian point of view regarding dating before marriage?.

Your email address will not be published. Define what it means The first place to begin in considering this type of interaction is with the couple involved. If it leads toward If a kiss leads either party toward stimulation of a sexual nature, I would urge you to back away from that activity as singles.

Think about the power lying dormant Am I recommending that singles do not touch each other in dating? Slow and steady My encouragement is to not be focused on kissing and cuddling but to be open and aware of the total person you are experiencing.

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