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Relationship Goals Vs. Reality

December 5, The duo were both working behind the scenes in film and social media before they realized they hated working for other people and wanted to create something of their own. Harjit talked about how he basically learned everything about film from Youtube while Jaz studied marketing where she learned about social media. Jaz talked about how the channel came to fruition. The couple has been dating now for about 2 and a half years.

It wasn't like oh he's cute or anything.

Together: No attraction. Like nothing. This was then followed by intense laughter. Jaz: F ast forward two months and we were both going to India together for a project and there was still nothing.

Learn about Harjit Bhandal: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. Last month we had to opportunity to sit down with Jaz and Harjit of YouTwoTV The couple has been dating now for about 2 and a half years. We got engaged on January 16 of and got married on October 31 that same year. I move down to Texas to be with my love and we are happily married and.

We sat beside each other on the plane and he was not having it. Harjit: But then when we were in India, we only had each other, and we were forced to be friends. Jaz: I think just like being creative and trying to keep up with Youtube because it keeps changing. Just the balance of actually being creative and putting out good content and being consistent. Harjit: Now Youtube has all these restrictions and we had to PG a lot of our videos.


Jaz: When we first started we weren't PG at all and I think that's why people liked us. Harjit : It's been a struggle. Jaz: We kind of had a mental breakdown. Harjit : Since the beginning, we released a video every week and sometimes twice a week, until now.

We weren't happy with what was happening. We had to be PG for no reason. We were really confused, but now I think we took a step back and realized what we liked and we're going to be showing a different side of us on Youtube.

Harjit: We're just going to make content that makes us happy. We want to take more times with our projects. Both Jaz and Harjit expressed that their creativity doesn't stop at the channel. Getting into as many different artistic avenues is definitely the end goal for the duo. Jaz: We definitely want to grow our channel and we want to continue to do our skits.

Acting and writing scripts is on my list.

Harjit and jaz dating

Harjit : Touring is something we want to do. We have a live show already planned out and we'd love to meet our fans.

Are there struggles with being brown and being on the internet? Jaz: There are definitely struggles. People don't always just naturally gravitate toward South-Asian people.

There are positives and negatives. We're not trying to preach it. I asked Jaz and Harjit about their videos and being so open and transparent. They talk about a variety of issues and topics. Taboo topics that the Indian community usually shys away from. Jaz: At fist it was hard. Harjit : Family members that were so distant would call and comment on what I did online.

Draw Our Relationship - YouTwoTV

It was really annoying, but thankfully my family was more cool about it. Search results for harjit bhandal videos. Day Jaz We both loved creating content and were.

89k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from harjit bhandal (@whoisharjit).

Harjit Bhandal and girlfriend Jaz Saini. Aug 15, Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal are the two content creators behind the popular. Sep 27, - 5 minyoutwotv youtwo sincerelyjaz harjit was here whereisharjit harjit jaz all that jaz YouToo.

Jun 5, - 5 minWhat could be worse than your mom finding out about your boyfriend? Harjit and Jaz dropped their first internet video in Febru Aug 13, Harjit finally gets the tattoo that hes been wanting forever.

Lis I want my date to be like your own so don't break up. Dec 5, Let's discover Harjit Bhandal's profile such as: Date of Birth. Jun 2, Jasleen Saini is in any open relationship with Harjit Bhandal a fellow famous.

International YouTube sensations Harjit Bhandal and Jaz Saini of the hit YouTwoTV channel recently won the iHeartRadio MMVAs “FAN FAVE MUCH. ALMOST ARRESTED! Ok Jaz and Harjit are obviously dating anyway they're badass partners in crime. Kicked out of an expensive hotel? Damn!. Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal are the two content creators behind the popular of just hit it off, became good friends and eventually started dating!.

Sep 6, Hey Jaz, when I'm gone, don't do anything with Harjit okay? Jun 30, Details: This Mississauga speed-dating event for South Asians will take This week, we talk to the powerhouse about the worst dating stories, why it's. The difference between being married and dating is HUGE!

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