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Meant for more than secrecy Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic . FanFiction

Fred & Hermione - [Just Stay Here] + Landslide fanfiction!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Harry Potter: Pranksters and Bookworms. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Sapphira Faye o0 Unwritten Angel 0o unwritt3n xx. FredGeorge and Hermione are complete opposites, but this C2 is for people who are think that the two of them are meant for eachother! This C2 has Fred or GeorgeHermione stories of all different ratings, genres, and there are both completed and incompleted stories.

It was a jewelry case. He opened it, and the ring inside it sparkled. Hermione then dawned in realization. The ring was the most beautiful piece of jewelry she had ever seen. It wasn't all 'look at me! I'm better than you! It was simple; but beautiful. It had her birthstone in the center: sapphire, and four small diamonds surrounding it. Hermione knew that this was going to be a risk, but she wanted to be with him just as much.

What would Harry and Ron say?

What about her parents? She was only seventeen. She was still in school. But Hermione didn't care. For once she wanted to take the risk. She wanted to be with Fred. Hermione got from her chair, and bent down towards Fred, to where they were face to face.

Fred & Hermione - [Just Stay Here] + Landslide fanfiction!

She kissed him. Simply kissed him She pulled away and then whispered into his ear, "What do you think? Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of J.

Rowling and Warner Brothers. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter.

Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year. This is because Ron thinks that he's 'in love' with her. But when her final year arrives, Fred asks the question every girl dreams of: Marriage. She looked down at the parchment in her hand, opened it, and then read: To my lovely Hermione, There are so many things I could talk about right now, like, George and I have been doing great on our business. With all my love, Forge Hermione chuckled absentmindedly after reading his letter.

Chapter One 2. Chapter Two 3. Chapter Three 4. Chapter Four 5. Chapter Five 6. It wasn't often when she could catch Fred Weasley off guard, though she knew that he liked it when she did manage to.

She pulled away after a moment, and Fred looked at her in shock. His expression softened when she hugged him though. He wore a protective expression when she mentioned his twin. It would also take a lot for them to kill Fred Weasley," he told her in an assuring voice before quickly adding, "But we shouldn't be doing this here let's go to our spot," he murmured, taking her hand in his.

Hermione nodded quietly and followed him without saying another word. Their spot was a tree house that had been built by Bill and Charlie when they were younger. They had met there on several occasions when Hermione came to visit. Fred lit a lantern once they were inside the tree house and sat down on the ground.

He took her hand in his again and pulled her close. He sensed that there was something wrong with Hermione. She was quieter than usual. She also looked deep in thought.

Charlie was sitting next to Ginny, with Fred opposite Hermione, with dating, Hermione, share a secret about the family of your boyfriend. Hermione and Fred have been dating secretly for a year. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Hermione G., Fred W. - Chapters: 2. Summary: Fred and Hermione have kept up a secret relationship for 3 years, and now war is upon them and Fred needs to tie Hermione to him.

He ran his fingers through her hair and down to her shoulders while he tried to wait patiently for her. Her shoulders felt tense, so he began massaging them. When her eyes were closed, he leaned down and kissed her temple, check, and then her neck. She began to relax when he did this and gave a content sigh. They kissed for several moments before Fred pulled away.

He always tried to be careful so things would not get out of hand during moments like these. He had also pulled away because he wanted to know what was on Hermione's mind. He couldn't help playing with it all the time. Fred watched her intently as she sat up and faced him finally. He grew worried when she looked concerned.

He watched her sigh nervously before beginning to talk.

But I have to tell you. As you know, Harry wants to hunt horcruxes," Hermione said, and Fred grew weary at this announcement. He never liked the idea of this mission that Hermione was going on with his brother and their best friend.

Fred didn't know all of the details, but he did have a general idea.

Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year. This is because Ron thinks that he's 'in love' with her. But when.

She had kept the information vague until now. He opened his mouth to speak again, but she beat him to it again. Fred's eyes widened in shock and he let out a shaky breath. That is the day five days from now! When were you going to tell me? He was determined about not letting anybody else die for him. But we made him see that tonight would have been worthless if he left now," she said as Fred scowled at this. He picked a fantastic time to try to be noble," he said angrily and took a deep breath.

We sorted it out. It is fine. Except for the fact that I have to leave you soon," she said sadly. Fred closed his eyes and rested his head on her forehead. If we finish you-know-who, we can end this war. He knew that was wishful thinking though. We have been in this together since we were eleven. We might as well finish it together.

I've been preparing for months. I shouldn't have told you that! You- know-who is not going to know about this. He paused, wondering if this was what had her so worried. I'm Hermione Granger! Fred normally would have loved her sense of humor, but at this moment he did not find it endearing.

Hermione's expression softened when she saw the look on his face. But nothing is certain in war, Fred. He felt like he knew that part better than anybody else did at this moment. His family had been through so much already, and it seemed like the war was just starting for everybody else! He did not really know what to say to comfort her then, so they sat in silence for a couple of minutes.

He hated to think about the dangerous tasks his girlfriend and his brother were about to encounter. He did not want to think about what was coming next. Hermione must have been thinking the same thing as he was because a few moments later she said, "Can we not say goodbye for a few minutes? I just want to be here with you beforebefore" the look she gave him told him that she did not want to say the dreaded word either.

His heart lurched at the thought of that word, but he nodded. He was good at putting things off until the last minute.

Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year. This is because Ron thinks that he's 'in love' with her. But when her final year. Hermione and Fred have been dating in secret for quite some time now. Hermione had been determined to keep it a secret in order to protect. Fred and Hermione are coming clean with their relationship. How will the " Come now. Who would suspect the big secret is just us dating?.

He knew that there was a possibility that this would be the last time they could be together like this. It was not something he wanted to think about. Fred could not trust himself to speak just then though.

His throat was tightening up. He looked up when Hermione placed her hand in his and closed the space between them. He wrapped his arms around her protectively.

Fred and hermione secretly dating fanfiction

He realized that these might be the only moments he could protect her in this war. He closed his eyes and tried to think of happy memories. But all he could think about was how he could not lose her. They had been quiet for several moments when she spoke again. These words caused Fred to widen his eyes in shock and to sit up straight. George's mouth was open, food dribbling down his chin. Ginny had her face in her hands, shaking her head, and Harry had bent over, pressing his forehead against the table, as if he couldn't bear to watch.

And Fred, damn himcaught her gaze and quirked his eyebrow, his mouth in a half-grin. It was a look that plainly said, Well, what the hell do we do now? She returned her gaze to her long-time friend, still perched on his knee, still looking up at her with those hopeful, puppy-dog, innocent eyes. The smile fell of his face a little, and he tilted his head. I mean, I know we aren't dating, but, well, we've known each other forever anyway and.

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Hermione G., Fred W. - Words: except that the secret is a little bigger, the revelation is a little more public, I mean, I know we aren't dating, but, well, we've known each other. George cast furtive glances at Fred and Hermione. And Fred Fred wasn't dating anyone, but Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley? The idea. FredGeorge and Hermione are complete opposites, but this C2 is for people Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year.

She was acutely aware of everyone's eyes upon her. She took a deep breath, realizing that he wasn't going to move. I love you like a friend, like a brother, but not in a romantic way. I'm not in love with you. One of these days you're going to find an awesome girl who loves you the way you deserve to be loved. Maybe she's closer than you think. Maybe you already know her, and just haven't realized it. But I'm not that girl. She held her breath, watching as his ears and the back of his neck went red, as his hands balled into fists.

Ron, I know that I'm not the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. Trust me. She squeezed her eyes shut. She hadn't wanted to hurt him, but if he was going to be so intolerably thick . She unclasped a silver chain from around her neck, and pulled it out from under her shirt. She held it out, so that heand everyone elsecould see the diamond and ruby ring that hung on the end of the chain.

There was absolute silence in the room. With an almost scientific curiosity she watched as Ron's entire face got redder than she had ever seen it. Don't push it, don't push it, don't ask me who it is, please, God, don't ask me who it is. She stood silent, every eye upon her, and Ron's most intently. Her lips were clamped together as she weighed her options. I can just not say anything; I can just get it over with; orwhy the hell am I still up here alone?

She turned, slowly, letting her gaze sweep over every individual. Weasley looked like she was going to faint and Mr. Weasley was rubbing his temples, as if trying to ward off a massive headache. Bill and Charlie were whispering in low voices, their eyes shooting across the table and then to Hermione. Percy had his arms crossed, waiting. Fleur and Penelope were also talking in low voices, while Tonks was watching Hermione with a slight grin on her face and a raised eyebrow.

George was watching his twin very carefully. Harry hadn't picked his head up off of the table yet, still refusing to look, and Ginny was looking straight at Hermione, with an expression that said I told you so.

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