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Entrepreneurs find dating and maintaining social lives hardest things to keep up . The Independent

Dating an Entrepreneur (Dragons' Den Canada)

I am an entrepreneur man and I want to share with you why it is incredibly hard to date a person like me. We dress up nicely, are driven and ambitious, risk takers, a bit rough around the edges, some of the smartest people in societies, and massive amounts of potential, or pretty well paid because our potential has finally paid-off. We are always ready to leave you and go back to our laptops and get on our cell phones. We are essentially, married to our jobs. Yes, we control our own schedules, but we control them to work our fingers into the ground. We need this work! Go to lunch with us, you will have to demand that we leave our phone in the car.

Click on the Add to next to any video to save to your queue. Click on the Add to next to any article to save to your queue. Click on the Add to next to any podcast episode to save to your queue. Click the Follow button on any author page to keep up with the latest content from your favorite authors. But, for many entrepreneurs, it is a fact of life. Entrepreneurs aren't your typical person. Entrepreneurs are responsible for their organizations ability to pay bills, pay employees, pay themselves and still generate a profit.

There is almost no separation between them and their businesses and they are always working, even if that work is simply thinking about their business. So much of our business is our life that we tend to approach relationships as business transactions, too. And that's why so many dating and relationship experiences fail for us.

Don't believe me? I asked an expert. She specializes in driven, ambitious professionals. What has she found? Since entrepreneurs dedicate most of their energy to their work, they find it easier to have someone than no one. Wrong around than it is to cut their losses and move on to finding Mr.

Now, being single isn't the worst thing. That's a change from the time where getting married was high on your list of priorities. In fact, if you got to your 40s without a mate, people just plain looked at you funny.

As the founders of Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app based in San Francisco, the founders have not only witnessed the struggles entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need love, too. Trouble is, many of us are terrible at our approach to relationships and dating. Dating me is rough. You have to deal with my ups and downs as well as handle the challenges of driving progress in multiple ventures.

Nowadays, though, there is no rush. And online experiences like Plenty of Fish and Tinder make dating almost a game. Saying you're "looking to get married" on one of these sites is almost as taboo as being single well into your 30s a few decades ago. But entrpreneurs run the risk of losing an opportunity to meet their soulmate. Despite how easy technology has made dating, unless you're lucky enough to meet your partner in your professional travels like I didmeeting Mr.

How To Deal with Sexual Appetite as an Entrepreneur

According to Weber, you have to "trust that as you continue to grow as a leader, you will meet someone to complement your efforts and push you further along your journey. With that said, you also must invest energy in finding a mate.

Approach your relationship as you do your career, she says. If you find a shortage of people to date, hire a matchmaker, ask friends if they have an introduction for you, try online dating Regardless of your approach, one thing's for sure: you must keep a positive attitude because attitude really is everything.

If you start thinking or worse saying, "I'm never going to meet 'the one,'" then you've already set yourself up for failure.

You are ambitious in your professional life, so apply that ambition to your personal life as well. Like you would in business, if what you're not doing isn't working, change your approach fast!

My Queue. There are no Videos in your queue. See Latest Videos. During the majority of our car rides, we listen to something that before Michael I had never listened to for five minutes of my life: a podcast.

7 Key Must-Knows to Dating an Entrepreneur

The funny thing is that now I love listening to them! Perhaps before this relationship, you never hung out with a bunch of entrepreneurs in various industries, mingling around a gathering of cocktails and stories.

Perhaps dating an entrepreneur is exactly what you're looking for. Confident and ambitious, entrepreneurs have a definite appeal. So where do you meet an. Dating an entrepreneur can feel like dating an alien species. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Entrepreneurs are from Saturn. I am an entrepreneur man and I want to share with you why it is incredibly hard to date a person like me. We dont belong in any relationship but have all the qualities you would want your partner to have. Heres a quick recap on 5 reasons why dating an entrepreneur is not for you.

That was me until I started dating Michael and found out that hanging with other entrepreneurs and their significant others is about the closest thing to heaven in a conference room that I can find. No need to explain.

You know, my team is doing so great. I want to scale up within the next year.

Ultimately, the fact that your entrepreneur partner accomplishes so much is due to the fact that he or she is a mind-machine, constantly strategizing and architecting new ideas, business plans and ways to solve problems or prevent new ones.

The fact that sometimes these plans and ideas will pop up during your romantic dates is just part of the territory.

Entrepreneur and dating

Instead of tolerating it, however, try increasing intimacy by learning to embrace it and roll with the topics. When a conversation like the one above occurs at unusual times and places in my relationship, I like to ask Michael questions and engage in the idea process. It beats pouting and having a bad evening. Tell me more about that. Entrepreneurship is contagious. There are many days and moments when my partner is feeling down and while I may not be able to fix anything per say, I can be a steadying source of encouragement and light.

9 Tested Secrets to Dating a Serial Entrepreneur

So keep it up. He or she needs your light more than you think, and believe me, it can go from amazing to super dark really, really fast. Be prepared for the rainy days by taking care of your own emotional health and loving yourself well.

Maintaining a social life, taking time off for holidays and dating are among the hardest things about starting your own business, a poll has found. Those glorious entrepreneurial tales failed to inform you that dating would turn into a task that never quite makes the top of your to-do list. Dating an entrepreneur can be a bumpy ride if you haven't read the map beforehand. My job is to help you understand us crazy entrepreneurs.

Especially since so much of their work is in the public eye, you, the person closest to them with whom they can be real, will be needed to help them see the light. And by light, I mean that sparkling, effervescent potential within them and within the dream they cherishone of the key things that made you fall in love with them in the first place. Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author.

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