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Well, so long as we have a higher trophy count! We ask for nothing in return. Strongest Titan Defeated. Classing continues to rise as expected. A new collection process has been established capturing Leaderboard Data.

How about an annual forum where players and dev's discuss the matching algorithms and then changes are made based on the input gathered? Frankly I don't think there is any science behind war match ups, and I can prove it. We have just started a war and our team has 3 players over 80, the other team has 11 players over 80 and 9 players over We have 3 chances of winning this, none, buckleys, and sweet FA. Zynga has never explained what goes into the war match ups only because there is nothing to explain.

Totally agree. U always get the same responses When really I complained a lot about mismatchings. Our all highest lvl is 55 hq We get opponents with tesla and they are unbeattable.

Ever tried a 97 fully defence maxed? In the end we will stop with these wars.

And i closed 8 alliances allready. War has sadly become a joke! Matches are laughable, we had a 10 man war with 8 lvl96 plus bases last time, our highest is 84! No loot if you attack higher level bases and lose, which is often the outcome against lvl98 bases with all war factory boosts so you get penalised if you try!

I think zynga have been taking Crystal Meth and dont like people anymore! Only reason for such rank stupidity! Medals hq level etc totally irrelevant purely on xp, simple to do for them but as less alliances are fighting searches are becoming more silly and the matches have become more random.

Empires and puzzles matchmaking

We have been matched up against an alliance ranked with highest lvl Total waste of time. The other team has a better spread than you. For example if you are doing a 30 vs.

That is not a bad match. You let the search run too long. Most matching algorithms use what is known as a Fibonacci Series or the Golden Spiral to find a match when none are found immediately.

When an immediate match cannot be found the parameters are increasingly broadened until a match is found. Therefore the longer the search, the greater the probability of a mismatch.

Alliance War!

We recently had a search run for over 19 hours before matching. We were insanely overmatched but still pulled off the win because our bases in the 50's could take their bases in the 70's.

When we meet at Casual Connect London, CEO and co-founder Timo Soininen tells us Empire & Puzzles stands at million daily active. Empires & Puzzles is an epic, brand new, fun match-3 RPG! Welcome to the Matchmaking is based on trophy count. Generally youll face. TITAN MAFIA Ц An Empires & Puzzles Users Group Ц Tools and Tips. Providing an Empires & Puzzles Weekly game and Hero Update! Also including an.

So what seems "unfair" is really just a poor understanding of how the game works. I hope this information helps you figure out how to achieve better matches. I would need to know their entire line up versus yours to do the math. If they have a wider spread of base levels and all of your bases are about the same level, they will have an advantage.

The match weight is the sum of all XP levels for all the bases included in the war. Members of my alliance routinely 3 flag bases levels above their level. My personal best is 30 levels higher 84 with a 54 granted it was a craptastic base with a sleeping Omega. Discussions Activity Best Of Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register.

Categories 6. August in The War room. August Terms of Service. Well seeing Zynga wont do anything about alliance war matchups i might as well dissolve my alliance.

I put in lower level players and dont get anyone for them to battle avainst. This is about my 4th complaint and no attempt to fix.

Me and my whole alliance is angry and i know others are also. Stop with gold purchase to build bases and let people earn them in battle or make a separate division for people who just buy bases. Version 15 Alliance Wars improvements and changes: Players can now individually opt out. When a player leaves an alliance during a battle, their war defense team stays on the battlefield.

Players can edit their war defense team anytime outside an active battle. Inactive players are automatically excluded from matchmaking. You can now see how much War Energy each player has remaining. You can now inspect your remaining heroes without committing to an attack. The bonus points you get from defeating a team is lowered from 2x points to 1.

The victory points for defeating a team is halved from 20 points to It allows the Alliance Leaders to opt-out their whole alliance from the wars.

For further information, please read the developer's response here. Each war now has a specific War Rule in effect. We got trashed at war. War match? How this even fair? War disaster.

Does this matchup seem right? War is a joke. When you facing alliance with more people. War Matchups - Set those minds at ease. War yet again. War matchups. Nice matching where is the balance of the game. Matchmaking for War. War matchmaking needs to be more fair. Alliance Wars matching needs to be fixed. War Matching Total BS. Alliance Wars matchmaking.

Empires & Puzzles is an epic, brand new, fun match-3 RPG! . I find the matchmaking to be very close, within a few hundred points in 80% of. A: Matchmaking is just based on the players who the leader has chosen to participate. The matchmaker attempts to find matches where each player in the. You must choose to participate in wars before the matchmaking phase Empires & Puzzles matches alliances of similar strength based off the War Score.

War Manipulation? War and unreasonable pairing. Terrible War Matchup. Another horrible war matchup. Allotment of teams in the war - why such disproportions?

Sorry but, It's a joke? My aliance: 27 members Power 20th member Aliance score 79k (36k+43k) Oponent aliance: 30 members Power. Added a countdown to the start of matchmaking. You can now see the remaining War Energy of the whole alliance. You can now see your. I DO KNOW its not necessarily your xp or HQ level but the MEDAL COUNT that affects war matchmaking, retalliations, and who youre ranked.

What is happening with the pairings? Hammerstrong May 15,am 2.

Squall May 15,am 3. Hammerstrong May 15,am 4. We will also lose the full kill bonus of But what else can we do? Oblivion May 15,pm 5. EvilSmoothie May 15,am 6. Guy May 15,pm 7.

Just fight with honor. Reginacide May 15,pm 9. Zizzzzy May 15,pm EvilSmoothie May 15,pm

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