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Don's Mistress Black Ink Crew: Charmaine Spills Tea on Pregnancy

Black Ink Crew Chicago - Charmaine Vs Ashley & Friend

On this season of hit VH1 reality show, the drama surrounding Don cheating on Ashley again is a major topic. Many people saw Ashley leave Don with their son for Dallas, Texas on the show, despite the couple getting back together. Charmaine also called out her New York counterpart Sky, again, saying she would never treat another woman on the show the way Sky treated her. I knew she was going to take him back. The beef with Sky is just Sky being jealous. She can see Charmaine has the potential to have more opportunities than her. That attack from Lilly was a mess and she acting like everything is all good.

Charmaine claimed that she was trying to be truthful about messing with Don to Ashley, because she'd want the same treatment if her man was cheating on her. Meanwhile, Don was busy going around telling everyone else that he never had sex with Charmaine.

Don's wife Ashley has some get back for Charmaine in this clip from the up resentment against towards Charmaine for sleeping with Don. On Black Ink Crew Chicago Ep.3, Charmaine is jumped by Don's Glow Worm Groupie Drizzy Drake Tried To Cover Up His Stephen Curry. If you've been keeping up with the show then you already know Don and Charmaine allegedly hooked up in the tattoo shop during a party.

Don told Vanand Phor, that it was all an rumor. He claimed that Ashley goes off when she senses other females creeping up on her man.

Don admitted that he couldn't even go home right now because of the drama. He said that she uses their son againt him when he messes up and even said that Charmaine is going around claiming that she was with him, because she just wants to be with him in a realtionship.

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Well Don's cast mate Charmaine joined the Breakfast Club today for an interview, and this topic came up. And according to Charmaine, Don. On the last episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago, Don and Charmaine hooked up during a drank infused party. When Charmaine tells Don she. Don Brumfield: Piercer and younger brother of Phor. Husband of Ashley, ex-fling of Charmaine. Charmaine Walker (Season ): Manager, girlfriend of NeekBey, ex-fling of Don .. "Monday cable ratings: Monday Night Football ticks up". .. Ink Crew · Television shows set in Chicago · Television series set in tattoo shops.

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