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Praise the Glee gods, because fans will finally find out what happened to our favorite blonde, bitchy cheerleader. No, I'm not talking about Quinn Fabray — even though I'm pretty happy that Dianna Agron will return for Glee Season 6 along with most of the series original cast. I'm talking about our other favorite blonde, the one who was essentially the best part about Glee Season 5 until Ryan Murphy took her, unceremoniously, away from us: Becca Tobin's Kitty Wilde. According to the popular spoiler blog, Kitty's the new head cheerleader at McKinley naturally and she's bitter about about how Artie left things off with her after the th episode and graduation. And she's also not so keen to help out the former glee club members in recruiting new students to join Rachel's new club, mostly because of Artie but also because of how they treated her back in Season 4.

Marley brings up her songs and is quickly shot down, especially by Kitty, who does not want to sing about "a fat mother or a song about barfing, or a song about loving an octoroon. Ryder watches Kitty texting while he is texting Katieand he asks her to show him her messages and she says to him that she is doing other things. Will later tells them about their new week assignment that he calls: "Unplugged week.

Later at Breadstix over dinner with a newly single Kitty, she tells Ryder that she experienced the same thing with a friend's older brother that ultimately caused her to switch schools when nobody seemed to understand. She wants Ryder to know that she empathizes with his experience. When the electricity comes back, Ryder chats with Katie at the library's computers, and Kitty invites him to go have lunch with her.

Ryder chooses to stay at the computer even after Kitty admits that she doesn't easily warm to people and she's not likely to give him another chance because she was starting to like him; she goes sad and angry. Finally, Kitty sings in the New Directions group a cappella number, Longest Timewhere she and Ryder have intense looks at each other. Kitty confronts Artie about an apparent depression that she noted, believing that he's hopelessly longing for her, but he reveals that he was accepted into film school in New York, but won't be going - and he swears her to secrecy.

Kitty's exuberant performance of Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours is capped by her revelation of Artie's secret to the glee club, which upsets him: apparently his mom is freaking out at the prospect of him being on his own in the big city, but Kitty surprises him with sweet words of encouragement.

Kitty is then seen dancing when Mercedes, Blaine and Marley perform Superstition. Artie arrives home from school to discover that Kitty discussing his film school secret with his mom, Nancy Abramswho was shocked to learn Artie had been keeping it from her. Kitty leaves and Artie admits it's been him who was reluctant to accept, because he feels guilty about leaving his mom behind after all the sacrifices she's made for him. Kitty is then seen along with the rest of New Directions watching Mercedes perform Higher Ground ; initially she is the only one not expressing any enjoyment at the performance, in contrast to her enthusiastic clubmates, but by the end she is smiling.

All or Nothing. Kitty is seen when Will reveals that the Regionals competition will now be held in the McKinley High auditorium and reminds the New Directions that they need to bring everything they've got to the stage: "All or Nothing. At the RegionalsBrittany says goodbye to Kitty and her fellow glee club members. She is happy when New Directions win Regionals again.

At the end of the episode, Kitty is present during Will and Emma 's surprise private wedding. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. Kitty can be seen with the rest of New Directions in the choir room in the beginning of the episode.

After Kitty finds out that both Tina and herself are nominated for prom queen, Kitty announces that she will support Tina because it is her time to shine during her senior year, while she will have other chances to be prom queen.

Kitty is left standing speechless in the hallway, unsure whether to be confused or intimidated. Other members of New Directions then see the posters and also criticise her, despite her protests that she is innocent, and once they leave she angrily begins tearing down the posters, as Bree looks on from across the hallway.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Bandshe takes a few photographs. She attends the prom with her boyfriend, Artie. Kitty tries to shout to Tina to warn her, but it is too late, and Tina is drenched in slushy, with many of the prom attendees laughing at her. New Directions follow her to the choir room and console her, and Kitty offers her prom dress to Tina, which she accepts. She later sings back-up vocals for Mercedes when she is singing her dedication song for Finn, I'll Stand by You.

Kitty also sings in the background during the Artie and Sam duet for him, Fire and Rain. Once Puck is done singing, she goes to hug him with everyone else before Santana storms in asking him where Finn's jacket is. Artie then he asks her if she is still okay dating someone so different from her, Kitty says that she has no problem and kisses him in response. Kitty then enjoys herself when Sam and Blaine start the week off by singing Movin' Out. Kitty is first seen in the choir room goofing off with the rest of the New Directions.

At the end of the episode she is at the Glee Club meeting when Blaine apologizes and gives them all puppets. Previously Unaired Christmas. Kitty is first seen at the Glee Club meeting, and she is excited about them "going green" with decorations. After Kitty insults the girls and informs her that she doesn't want the part, Marley seems confused. She is in the History class when Sue announces the Glee Club being the winner of the Green themed Christmas tree decorating contest.

Blaine wants Kitty to play Mary to make her feel better about herself, which will hopefully, make her feel like she can be nicer to everyone else. Everyone's being very selfless as Unique claims to have a secret plan to get Kitty to take on the role of Mary.

Kitty Wilde is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. They go on one date and when Kitty wants to go on another he blows her off. Near the season finale, Kitty helps Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale) to attend to . The Artie-Kitty Relationship, more commonly known as Kartie or Wildebrams, is the former romantic and now friendly relationship between Artie Abrams and Kitty Wilde. They started dating in Love, Love, Love, the first episode of Season Five and broke up prior to Tested, the.

With the entire Christmas club assembled, including Kitty, Unique sports a wig and super sparkly Diana Ross-inspired gown to lead Marley and Tina in rendition of the Supremes' Love Child. Kitty reacts in revulsion and offers to play the part of Mary, proving that Unique's plan worked. Kitty is later mentioned by Tina when she says to Artie that Kitty is using Artie to become more popular, and refers to her as "the biggest bitch of McKinley" when they have a competition to become the generation's valedactorian.

The performance ends when Tina, accidentally, throws Artie out of his wheelchair, and Kitty is seen mad about it. At last, she is seen dancing and singing to Breakaway. Kitty is later mentioned when Blaine says that he turned down a night of bumper bowling with she and Artie in favour of Tina and Sam, so the three can have a night together.

She also watches the seniors performing Hold On. After arriving to the hotel, Kitty is excited because she thinks that a celebrity entered to the reception, but Unique tells her that it is Mercedes Joneswho just got a recording contract.

She and the New Directions visit the stage where they are going to perform at Nationals one day before the event, but Throat Explosion surprises them and kick them out of the place. Later she is seen in the bus during Sam's pep talk, and watching the competition choirs perform before the New Directions take the stage.

Before their time to performe, the New Directions make a circle with Burt and Carole, where they talk about the late Finn Hudson. After the judges announce that Throat Explosion are the winners, she along with the other New Directions members are sad and disappointed.

Kitty and the New Directions travel back to Ohio to wallow in their grief over the fact that glee club is now over for good, but Burt and Carole assure them all that they did Finn proud. Later is revealed that the glee club is canceled. New Directions. Schue in which she dances with Brittany, Jake and Mike.

Kitty is shown happy to see her boyfriend Artie, and her friends graduating. Kitty briefly appears in the episode recap, along with Tina and Brittany - the ex-girlfriends of Artie, showing that their relationship did not continue once Artie moved to New York.

In Season SixBecca Tobin was demoted to recurring cast. Kitty is first seen after ArtieBrittanyQuinn and Santana had finished their performance of Problem. When Artie is praising the Cheerios for their dancing in Problem he says that "we could really use some of those moves in glee club", Kitty overhears this and walks over to him and tells him Yeah you could.

Artie is surprised to see Kitty because he thought that Sue made all the New Directions from the previous year transfer out of McKinley and then states that the New Directions needs her back.

Kitty rejects his offer straight away, she tells him "You really think I'm going to join your stupid glee club after the way you treated all of us? The way you treated me when you went away to college? She then adds that Rachel is not a star player because she didn't even know any of the Sophomores names when the Alumni came back inBrittany then adds that she knows her name is Quinn which makes Kitty role her eyes at her.

Santana then asks her if she wants to be a star, and Kitty tells her that's rich coming from graduates that are pathetically stuffed in their Cheerios uniform again.

Madison and Mason then interrupt asking if 2 people can try out together, Kitty is not surprised by this and mutters "Of course the incest twins want in," she then turns to the Cheerios wanting to leave because they have to explain to Madison and Mason why Flowers in The Attic is not a love story to aspire to and then walks away with the rest of the Cheerios.

Jagged Little Tapestry. Kitty herself does not appear in this episode, but she is mentioned when Becky wrongly calls Quinn by her name. The Hurt Locker, Part Two. We first see Kitty walking down the halls of McKinley on her way to her classroom where she is approached and followed by Rachel who begins to tell her a lot about herself. Kitty replies to her asking if she is hitting on her which would be wrong because "the world is kind of rooting for you and Quinn Fabray ".

Rachel tells her that who she is important to her to which Kitty susses out that Rachel is just trying to get her back into New Directions. Rachel admits it and Kitty rejects the offer straight away and tells her that she has a reputation for being a selfish person and the only reason she joined Glee Club in the first place was because even though she knew it was going to hurt her reputation it was being led by Will who she described as a kind man committed to teaching and that there were a bunch of kids in there who would have her back when things got hairy.

She walks out the classroom to where Rachel followed her again and told her that she knows she loves to perform, Kitty admits she did love it. Kitty begins to cry and tells Rachel that she misses the feeling of performing and she hates the fact her old friends abandoned her and the only reason she was still there was because Sue needed her for the cheerios but she knows exactly what Rachel is like and she doesn't want to join when she knows it will all be over again in a couple of weeks.

Kitty then pops into the Auditorium to check on the competition, she watches The Warblers perform My Sharona but leaves as soon as they finish the song. Rachel is looking through old set list numbers when Kitty walks in and tells her that she'll join, she then questions where everybody is and Rachel tells her she had to postpone Glee club for an hour because she is still struggling to find a set list for the competition because she doesn't know what songs Sue would like.

Kitty tells her that she knows exactly how to find out what songs Sue likes. We then see Kitty and Rachel break in to Sue's office, Kitty opens up Sue's laptop where she finds a file where there lists songs that Sue is emotionally vulnerable to.

The next day, Kitty walks into the Choir Room to rehearse for the competition with the rest of New Directions.

Madison asks why she is here because she said that she was never going to join again and Kitty tells her that someone had to stop her from marrying her brother. Rachel gives all the New Directions a new set list to rehearse from and when most of them disagree to the idea, Kitty defends Rachel by saying they should listen to their teacher because she has more talent in her little finger than anyone in "this stinkin' rotten town".

Then after Rachel gives everyone a pep talk, Spencer walks in announcing he is joining the New Directions to which Kitty and the other members are pleased to hear and they all hug each other. After they perform Sue announces that the New Directions actually won the competition and Kitty goes up to grab the trophy.

She takes it back to the New Directions and they all cheer, celebrate and jump up and down in excitement. What the World Needs Now. Kitty is present when Kurt and Rachel introduce the weeks theme which is "Burt Bacharach". She mutters to Spencer "This is a good time to go to the bathroom".

When Mercedes then enters the room and asks everyone who wants to be mentored by me, Kitty along with the rest of New Directions enthusiastically get up wanting it to be them. Kitty is next seen in the auditorium providing back-up with the rest of the Alumni and New Directions for Santana as she sings Alfie to her abuela. She tells them both that "the new kids and I would be honored to cater, pass out programs and release the doves".

Then everyone breaks out into a performance of What the World Needs Now as they sing it to Brittany and Santana, at the end everyone hugs and cheers. Kitty is first seen when Sam calls upon a few friends to help out Rachel.

When Sam and Kurt walk into the room she rolls her eyes and mutters "Oh for the love of all that's sacred what now? Sam then explains to them that Rachel's house is being sold and Kitty chips in saying "Just to be clear we are still talking about Rachel or are you announcing your new gender". To which Sam denies her statement and says it's all about Rachel. Sam then announces that there is going to be a farewell party to say goodbye to Rachel's house which will be in her basement.

Madison and Mason question the lesson and Kitty tells them to shut up. Then, Kitty is next seen at Rachel's house part along with everyone else. Next Blaine and Kurt perform Somebody Loves YouKitty can been seen dancing with everyone and when they bring in a fancy dress box Kitty is seen fighting over a pink tutu skirt with Spencer in which she loses.

Also during the performance Kitty takes a selfie with Artie, takes a photo of Madison and gets up on stage and dances with Kurt. Kitty along with Blaine then pick out a photo to stick in Rachel's scrap book. Kitty is last seen in the auditorium as she watches Unique perform I Know Where I've Been with the Transpersons Choir, at the end of the performance she, along with everyone else go and hug Unique.

We first see Kitty outside of the wedding reception where she takes a selfie with MercedesSam and Tina. We next see Kitty inside the reception where she witnesses the marriage of Brittany and Santana and Blaine and Kurt.

She applauds them both and seems happy for them. Kitty is first seen in the audience as she watches Myron perform Lose My Breath. At first she seems shocked by Myron's choice of song, but as he gets into it so does she. Myron asks the New Directions how to improve on his performance and Kitty replies saying his dancers should smile more. Kitty is next seen in the Choir Room with the rest of the New Directions when Rachel and Will announces that they are performing at Myron's bar mitzvah, Kitty is pleased to hear this and she immediately turns around to Jane and Roderick to discus ideas.

After that Kitty is with the New Directions when Myron gets trapped in his stage pod, Sue declared that Spencer should climb up and save him but then Spencer suggests Roderick should do it, Kitty suggests to just get a ladder because there must be one somewhere but Roderick takes on the challenge. Kitty watches as Roderick climbs the ladder and when he gets down her along with New Directions cheer for him. After that she performs back-up for Break Free and finally she is seen performing Cool Kids with the rest of the New Directions.

The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester. The episode opens with Kitty and the New Directions performing Rather Be for Willwhere he comments that the performance was very impressive. Kitty comments saying where is Rachel since she should be there for that and Will replies saying she has gone to New York.

Straight away the New Directions welcome the Warblers to their choir, except Jane. Then, when Will is trying to work on the choreography for the newly merged show choir things are just not clicking and everyone notices it. Skylar is angry at the New Directions because of how basic the routine is and they still can't manage it, when he comments that women love their blazers Kitty comments "Do they? Kurt states that they are the ones who opened their school for the Warblers, and Kitty comments back "Semi-opened".

Next Kitty is seen when she witnesses Sue and Will fantasize about performing The Final Countdownshe is creeped out by the performance along with the New Directions. Afterwards both the New Directions and the Warblers perform Rise together. We Built This Glee Club. Kitty is first seen at the glee club dance rehearsal, preparing for Sectionals.

During an argument with The former Warblers, she, along with Madison and Jane, states that they are the only three girls in the club so they don't want to be in the background. She also agrees with Super Gay Warbler that if Roderick and Spencer doesn't improve their dance moves, they're better stay hidden in the background. Later, she and Mr. Schue are coaching Roderick and Spencer the dance routines, in which Spencer gets injured. At Sectionals, Kitty sings and dance in all three songs from their setlist.

Before the announcement, Kitty states she loves Waffles after the sponsor a man with waffle costume walks in to the auditorium. She is extremely happy when the New Directions is declared the victor.

The next day, in the choir room, everyone gathers to see their sectionals trophy being displayed at the trophy room, while they all saying goodbye to Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine, whom all will soon be departing to New York.

Kitty notices Rachel, who is looking sadly at the old New Directions trophies above the cupboard. She breaks the cheering crowd and command the others to put the old trophies to the trophy display in the choir room.

Kitty is seen at the beginning, winning Nationals with the New Directions. She is seen with RachelMercedesKurtBlaineTinaand Artie in the choir room with many people new students while Will mentions them as alumni, indicating Kitty has graduated. She watches Will singing to the New Directions Alumni.

According to Blaine, she has moved to New York after graduation. Inshe is in New York with the other alumni to watch Rachel win the Tony award. She joins the big Glee reunion with every characters and reunited with Ryder and Jake for the first time since New Directions in her final appearance on Glee.

They talk at the sign up sheet and Kitty says that she has the perfect song for "us" to sing. In the callbacks for Born to Hand JiveKitty begins to get feisty and at one point is taken of the stage by Jake after she tried to go after Marley.

Jake getting the role of Putzie and Kitty getting Patty Simcox. Jake says that it didn't work out and Kitty says that he has been saying that a lot. Main article: Kitty-Puck Relationship Wilderman Because Jake is almost certain that Kitty will not let him go to the "Sadie Hawkins" - dance with Marley in peace, Puck promises that he will make sure she leaves them alone.

Puck then confronts Kitty and urges her into leaving Jake alone, explaining that she is pushing him into doing the wrong thing. Kitty admits that she isn't really interested in Jake, she just wants to take him to the dance for the sake of it. She then agrees that she would stay away from Jake if she had another date for the dance, to which Kitty and Puck agree to go the dance together.

At the dance, they playfully exchange insults. Kitty then assures Puck, though, that she thinks highly of him. She then offers him to have sex in the back of her car, for which they leave the dance early. It is then revealed in I Do by Ryder that Puck is "currently dating a sophomore" who is more than likely Kitty.

They are currently broken-up, as mentioned by Kitty in Lights Out. The context of this conversation also implies that she did not actually have sex with Puck as she tells him that she acts all slutty with guys, but freezes up when it gets serious.

Kitty expresses disgust over Ryder several times throughout the season. However, in Lights Out she is touched when Ryder is ridiculed for being molested. She takes him to BreadstiXwhere she shares that she had been molested herself as a child, and thus understands him very well. Later, she asks him out, but is rejected in favour of Ryder's catfish, about which Kitty is visibly hurt.

Main article: Artie-Kitty Relationship Wildebrams Artie and Kitty appear to be friends after Kitty joins glee club and are often dance partners in performances. Artie is shown to feel attracted to Kitty in Guilty Pleasures. She notices him being depressed in Wonder-ful. He tells her that he got accepted to a movie-school in New York, but isn't planning on going.

Kitty then informs Artie's motherwho hadn't known of Artie's acceptance. Artie is grateful for Kitty's help, beginning a close friendship between the two. They start a relationship in Love, Love, Love. Kitty is eager to keep their relationship a secret, much to Artie and Tina's disapproval.

When being confronted, she explains that she wanted to be sure she really liked Artie before she gave up her popularity by dating a less popular student. Later in the choir room they seen looking at Kitty's phone together before Unique asks Mr.

Schue for permission to use the porta potty Sue has had installed for Unique. Finally they both have solos and hold on to each other when New Directions sing their final song for the week, On Our Way.

The End of Twerk. Both are seen to be having fun together during Blaine and Sam's performance of Movin' Out. When Artie talks to Becky, she asks if he wants a threesome with her and Kitty. At the end of the week they are seen together when New Directions confront Sue about her opinions about their potential career in the arts. Movin' Out. This episode is set within the same timeline as Season Four before Kitty and Artie start dating.

They can both be seen sitting next together at the choir room when Sam and Tina announce their plan for the Christmas Club.

Kitty Wilde

They dance and sing together in Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. Previously Unaired Christmas. She also said that Kitty doesn't like him and is only using him. Artie defended Kitty and told Tina she was McKinley's biggest bitch.

When Blaine is talking to Tina and Sam, he mentions that he was invited by Artie and Kitty to go bumper bowling but he refused because he doesn't want to be a third-wheel due to them making out the whole time. When they arrive in Los Angeles along with the other members, they are seen sitting next to each other on a double decker bus. They both have several lines in America.

Are kitty and artie dating

City of Angels. Artie briefly mentions that he is dating Kitty when he was introducing himself to Biff. Also, they look at each other lovingly a few times during the performance of Just Give Me a Reason. When Holly approaches Artie in the hallway, he mentions sending Kitty a break-up text, thinking that Holly loves him. When Artie is called up onto the stage at graduation, Kitty is crying and quite emotional.

New Directions. In the recap of this episode Kitty is listed as one of Artie's ex-girlfriends implying that they broke up some time after he left Lima. Artie is now dating and sleeping with numerous girls who attend his college, it is unknown if he and Kitty are still on speaking terms.

Artie and Kitty have a brief conversation after the Problem performance. Kitty is not happy to see the alumni returning, and when Artie asks her to rejoin the glee club, she slams him and states she isn't coming back after the way the alumni, especially him treated her when they graduated and he went to college. Artie and Kitty are shown to be on good terms again as of this episode. Both are present in the choir room when Rachel and Kurt announce the glee club's assignment for the week, Burt Bacharach.

Both provide back-up vocals for Santana when she sings Alfie to her abuela. At the end of the week Kitty is one of the "several other members of Santana 's family" Artie mentions who want to take the seat vacated by her grandmother at her and Brittany 's wedding reception. When Kitty tells Brittany and Santana how she and the New Directions are willing to help at their wedding she tells Artie that there had better be doves to release at the wedding to which Artie says there will be.

When What the World Needs Now begins Artie re-joins the group on stage, wheeling next to Kitty and sharing a few looks and smiles with her. During the song, both attend a gathering at Will 's apartment. Artie is seen handing Kitty a slice of pie, which she accepts as she smiles brightly at him, they then clink their plates together as they join their friends in conversation and laughter. What the World Needs Now. They are paired up by the Wheel of Musical Fortune, although this is not seen onscreen, as seen later in Rachel's party.

They dance together at Brittany and Santana's and Blaine and Kurt's wedding. A Wedding. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Girls and Boys on Film They interact a couple of times during Closer.

Guilty Pleasures They are seen sitting next to each other and cuddling during Say. Shooting Star They sing a couple of lines together during Longest Time. Lights Out Kitty notices that Artie is depressed and confronts him about it.

Wonder-ful Kitty and Artie are seen sitting together when Will is going over their competition for Regionals. This suggests Kitty's growing feelings for Artie. Love, Love, Love Kitty and Artie are first seen sitting beside each other in the choir room. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds At the start of the week Kitty and Artie are both present when Will announces their competition for Nationals. At the end of the week, they were sitting next to each other as Blaine apologizes to the glee club for his behavior during the week before they perform The Fox with New Directions.

Frenemies When Blaine is talking to Tina and Sam, he mentions that he was invited by Artie and Kitty to go bumper bowling but he refused because he doesn't want to be a third-wheel due to them making out the whole time.

City of Angels Artie briefly mentions that he is dating Kitty when he was introducing himself to Biff. New Directions In the recap of this episode Kitty is listed as one of Artie's ex-girlfriends implying that they broke up some time after he left Lima. Homecoming Artie and Kitty are shown to be on good terms again as of this episode.

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Glee - Tina and Artie Make A Pact To Get Married If They Are Still Single At 30 6x08

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